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Ghostbusters RPG (No Megans)

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Finished the outline for the Ghostbusters game requested by Megan's Mum.


And, for Ghostbusters, that's more than half the work done. ::):


Starts with two plots, that turn out to be one plot - a headless horseman, galloping around Boston, stealing eyes.


Since this is Ghostbusters, not Call of Cthulhu - the eyes can be returned - but the sockets continue bleeding, even if they eyes are returned - until the dullahan is quieted.


The dullahan cannot be Trapped, and will be... pretty danged spleeny if they try - and will attempt to steal the eyes of one of the PCs.


The other plot is a haunted castle that was carried over to the US from Ireland, stone by stone, and after almost a hundred years of putting it back together... there is no sign of the ghost. The ghost was actually mild mannered, and fairly likeable, even if none knew the name of the fellow.


The Ghostbusters New England are hired to find the ghost and bring it back to the castle. The whole point of carrying it to Massachusetts was to have a haunted castle.


What neither the PCs nor the owner know - when the Castle was being dismantled, workers found a skull that had been built into the wall - and, being good Catholic boys, they had it buried.


The dullahan is the nice, friendly ghost - not so friendly, since he cannot find his head.


The clue? Finding the jar of eyeballs in the hole in the wall - still living eyes, that turn to look at anyone picking up the jar.


Stealing the eyes back does not make the dullahan any more angry - his joy is in taking the eyes, not collecting them, and he will gloat if he sees someone that has had their eyes returned - but the sockets still weeping blood.


There are ways to get him to talk - if they know Irish Gaelic.


Or if they can find a convenient Catholic priest that happens to speak Irish Gaelic - such a hard thing to find in Boston. In that case the dulahan will be more than happy to speak to the priest, and complain about someone stealing his skull from his ancient home. (And not caring a whit that the castle has been moved - it is the castle he loves.)


When talking to either the priest or the PCs, the dullahan pulls a spectral version of his own head out of his saddlebag - which also is missing its eyes, and is bleeding from the sockets.*


Or they can go back to where the castle was from, and find the workmen that took the skull, and buried it at a crossroads.


Once the skull is either returned to its hiding place or returned to the dullahan the dullahan goes away, and the friendly ghost returns. (At which point he can be trapped, ticking off the people that hired the Ghostbusters.)


Planned for two sessions.




The Auld Grump - I am a bit tempted to run this in Chill, as a more serious scenario - maybe involving a galley beggar as well.


* You don't want to die while you are missing your eyes - a new dullahan will form, this time in a ghostly Ghostbusters car....

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I almost spoiled this in a thread that I know Megan reads -



Yeah, pretty sure I can make that work. ::P:


Still considering converting to Chill - the inherent silliness of the Ghostbusters RPG bothers me - Ghostbusters needs elements of both comedy and horror. GB and GBI are just a bit too much like Toon for my tastes. (Given that my last game involved a ghost that was stealing eyes....)


I have an alternate mechanic in mind for the Ghost die, for use in Chiil - make the die an optional boost - but if the Ghost comes up....


The Auld Grump

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