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Painting a Roc


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Hi all,


I'm working on finishing up filling and priming my Grimtalon mini. I have been poring over reference pictures of eagles and raptors. I have done a few tests and i'm not liking my results, and I am relay curious how ya'll have painted feathers.


Thanks for the advice,



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1 hour ago, Adrift said:

It depends. If I'm working on a piece for competition, then I'd paint each individual feather, adding individual stripes for striations. If I'm just doing for tabletop, or even high tabletop then drybrushing is my friend.


I like to have a sliding scale of detail I do on Mini's. Trash mobs, and packs I do really quickly. High level mobs I spend an evening or two working on. Then my Boss Mobs I will do as close to competition quality as I can manage.

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