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Bones 4 - Townsfolk Monk #52

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Here is #52 from the Bones 4 Core Townsfolk subset. He is also available in metal in the Townsfolk VII: Clergy blister. He has a classic Friar Tuck look about him so I refer to him as the monk.




Monk (1).jpg

Monk (2).jpg

Monk (3).jpg

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      Hi everyone, here's another Gnoll I painted. 77388, Gnoll Warrior sculpted by Bobby Jackson.









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      The Left Hand of Darkness here is from the Bones 3 Stoneskull expansion. I painted this one at the same time as the Bones 4 female devil, as they make a fine pair.  Speaking of fine pairs, you will need to click the links to see, as the titilation offered by a shapely two inch piece of plastic might be harmful to minors.

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      A slight Angela from Spawn vibe going here. Not sure what about this mini that makes me think of that character.
      77496 Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen
      Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion, 2017
      Reaper Miniatures
      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Made in Bonesium PVC
      32mm base
      available from reapermini.com
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      I finally reached the point where I think I'm done with Mossbeard, the enormous ent from Bones 4. I wanted to go to town on his base, and almost immediately after recieving my package, went out to Michael's and bought some dollhouse/fairy garden deer, frogs, and mushrooms. I also ordered the Bones familiar pack #1 (77176) and some Tiny Terrain trees from Miniature Market. And then, I just didn't do anything with him for over a year. Finally decided to get him done. While assembling him, I decided to make use of his empty chest cavity to install a tea light so his eyes could glow, so I drilled right through his eyes and neck, and filled in the eyes with clear gel medium so the light would come through when illuminated. Used lots of grass tufts, lichen, and cuttings from am IKEA fake plant, and put some fairies I've had for over a decade into the base, too. I also modified the head so he was looking more directly forward, since he was largely looking down in the original. Hope you like him! 

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      This will be the last of the "townsfolk" from the Bone 4 Core set for me for now. That only leaves the farmer's wife with the torch and rolling pin but I want to move on to other pieces and pallets. I'm pretty sure these were sculpted by Bobby Jackson and I don't think there are metal versions. At least I couldn't find them in the Reaper store.

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