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Will You Be My Paladin?(Feb Hobby Goals)

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In keeping with my hobby goals for 2020 in Feb I plan to:

  1. Paint the fifth orc for my blackblood orc warband
  2. Paint another ranger for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  3. Paint two companions for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  4. Paint a Death knight for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  5. Paint this month's Mithril miniature

My hobby goals for 2020 include:

  • Painting more miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave games (18 so far)
  • Entering at least two miniature painting contests
  • Painting some sci-fi minis for the game Slipstream
  • Painting all the figures in my annual box (13)
  • Painting a Mithril miniature each month [On track with 2]



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Occasionally tearing myself away from the computer to paint. Trying to do more so simple goals for February. Paint some more mechs, paint some more medieval russians and spend some time figuring out what terrain/scenery I still want to make. Been ages since I did any new terrain.

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For Feb. I hope to do something, so here goes:

1) continue tidying my office

2) Paint 15mm 'Nam infantry (5 bases)

3) Assemble 15mm Helicopters (UH1, AH-1 and OH-6)....maybe paint them on sprue to make it easier...

4) Work on my Team Yankee army

5) Work on my Infinity figures


Anything that requires undercoating may be difficult if the weather continues to be hot

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Right now, my main goals are as follows:


- Paint something, and sit down at least 3-4 times a week for painting, even if it's just 15-20 minutes. 

- Finishing something would be a nice perk, but not totally necessary... 

- Re-organize painting area.  I'm taking down my benching rig, and will be repurposing the area it was in as a place to stage projects that are being worked on, as well as a general area for assembly and tidying up of things and whatnot.  This should hopefully reduce some of the projects I have sitting in my workspace, allowing it to be kowhere near as cluttered..

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New month, but continuing goals....

  • work towards completion on the 10 Terran CAVs I have had on the go since 2018. Would like to get at least one finished.
  • experiments with Badger's 3D Prime, complete original test
  • complete 7 SW Legion Stormtroopers.  Get started on next batch.
  • do some 3D print assembly: Clockwork Dragon, Neptune's Curse, or any of the buildings or vehicles I've got laying around in pieces.
  • make some progress on planning and prep for my diorama
  • build a paint rack for my metallic paints, and for my Star Wars paints
  • continue to decrease entropy in my painting room by a non-trivia amount
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On 1/20/2020 at 10:58 PM, Generic Fighter said:

So, my goals in no particular order...



--Finally finish Box of Many Things Modified Medusa and send it out.

--get new laptop to 100% updated and ready.

--Listen to January 20th Episode of "A Necessary Evil" Podcast without utter agony from hearing my own voice coming from somewhere other than the middle of my head [Seriously, I sound like I'm 12 to the rest of the universe:( ]



--Go to GenCon

--Reach Level 43

--Run for elected office

--Get elected

--Fist Fight a Deity

--Walk away after Fist Fight with a Deity

--Hopefully after Winning that Fist Fight with a Deity

--Watch a Demon Lord bleed out at my feet

--have one or more Devil Kings beg me on their knees for mercy they will never recieve

--have the very thought of my existence cause Greater Fey to tremble in fear

--figure out how baking works

--try to bake cookies from family recipes

--eat lightning

--continue discovering how cats work

--beat three classic video games I've never beaten before

--Create a Super Fighting Robot

--Treat Super Fighting Robot as Son or Daughter

--Finally play the Mega Man Zero/ZX series due to collection







--Custom Medusa is finished and packed to mail Monday!

--celebrating my 1 year Cat-aversery

--Decided to make one of my three classic video games one of the portable Castlevania games. Trying Circle of the Moon first.

--Preordered and Preloaded Mega Man Zero collection on my Switch


New Items


--filled large flat rate box with random minis(mostly spare bones) to send to middle school in Colorado for RPG club there. Will send it Monday.



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  • Do better than last month
On 1/15/2020 at 1:05 AM, TGP said:

Paint something. :rock: Anything... ::(:


1 hour ago, TGP said:

Fail.... :down:


That is not a lofty goal;  shouldn't be hard... <_<


  • Predict the winner of the Superbowl:
  1. It will be the team that is wearing the most RED
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