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More from the Bones 4 core set: we have arrived at the subset "Hungering Dead":



Yup, these are your archetypical ghouls. Flesh eating horrors out looking for some nosh. Gnawers of bone, eaters of the dead. Which begs the question: do they count as cannibals if they no longer are human?

Here is my very fast method of painting ghouls and similar effectively:

These started out with a solid black undercoat. Then each was drybrushed several times with different beige tones, such as Citadel Ionrach Skin and Karak Stone. Then they were given washes on the undersides with shades such as Citadel Athonian Camoshade and Team Yankee Ordnance Shade. When dry, they were lightly drybrushed again with lighter fleshtones up to almost pure white, keeping to the top surfaces which leaves a kind of zenithal effect. The base rock were done in dark greengrey, drybrushed with yellowy sand, and then lighter drybrushed with offwhite. Black eye sockets with a white dot for the eye lends a sinister look to them.

Dot in some details here and there, bases and done.  I did these ghouls and the Grymwatch in a single sitting, taking breaks for drying time only.



200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-1.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-6.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-5.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-4.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-3.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-123-2.jpg?w

He brought his very own packed lunch.



200202-b4core-hungering-dead-124-1.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-124-5.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-124-2.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-124-4.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-124-3.jpg?w

Subject #B4C-124 displays elongated limbs on a gaunt frame, and a foul disposition when peckish.



200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-1.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-6.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-5.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-4.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-3.jpg?w 200202-b4core-hungering-dead-125-2.jpg?w

Obviously the hero of the group.



A little too fresh for our tastes...



#123-125, the Hungering Dead subset

Bones 4 Core set, 2019

Reaper Miniatures

Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

Made in Bonesium PVC

30mm bases.

should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones. At least two of these are currently available in metal.

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