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2004 Winter Mini Exchange

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It's time to start planning for the 2004 Winter Mini Exchange. I've voluteered to administer this one. Here's the game plan:


1.PM me the following, under the heading "Mini Exchange":your real name and address, and whether you want fantasy, CAV, or a surprise.


2.All names must be submited by 9/1/04.


3.I will send out assignments by 9/15/04, by PM.


4. Acknowledge your assignment by PM


5. Mail it by 12/1/04. This allows 75 days to complete the project.



It's that simple. If you don't feel you can work within this structure, please don't disappoint someone by signing on and letting them down.


If you are delinquent in any other mini exchange on this board, please contact me by PM. We want all prior commitments finished before any more are taken on....


I hope this goes smoothly, and everyone has fun.

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Top Posters In This Topic

It's not about what level you paint on.. I've recieved minis on all kinds of levels of talent, and all of them mean a great deal to me. It's about sharing your talent, whatever it may be.....


Those outside the USA are welcome to join in. The postage on a single mini is almost neglegble.....send me the info.....

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I've been checking these miinis exchanges from the beginning and everytime I don't sign up I feel bad ( I just wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, not that my skill are a joke or great, but when I see the pictures posted, we'll you know)


Couple of quick questions


Do we included what we would perfer to paint or not paint


Also can we list things that we would like or not like to receive


Ex. Dark heaven, Non nudity, surprise


Because I Believe I will be signing up for this ONE!!!



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