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2004 Winter Mini Exchange

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I think I fit the bill of being a lurker to I mean what 90+ posts since 2002. I enjoy looking at the wonderful pieces people do and intreasting tips and ideas that are traded around here. Most of the times thou I dont think that I can be constructive enough to help the level of painters here, and adding just one more "attaboy" to most of the posts seems to me as just a way to inflate ones number of posts. Dont get me wrong I think having praise for you work is great, but when there are pages upon pages of "wow thats nice, great job, love those colors, thats so cool, you are so great" the person already knows its good by that point.


I think that the exchange is wonderful, it encourges the lurkers of the board to come out and join in. I have had the most fun in the last 3 exchanges then I have in any of the post I have made on this board. I remember each person I have painted for and recived from. When reading the boards I tend to notice the posts by those people more then most of the others, because I am farmiliar with the name


Anyway I am not sure this is really what I ment to say but ohwell!



(not so quick on the uptake today)

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Top Posters In This Topic

I had a great surprise from Nasus hand delivered to me..She's actually from the Albuquerque area...We're going to hang out again tomorrow ..we had a great time chatting and that!

It was a FANTASTIC half orc :wub: (my first Reaper orc) She did an awesome job on her ::D:

As soon as I get my photoshop working right I'll be putting her in the show off section for everyone to see her ...Nasus did a great basing job too

I can't wait to show her off! :B):


This has been such a cool exchange I can't wait for the next one to get rolling...More fun! :lol:::D::lol:::):

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