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2004 Winter Mini Exchange

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I'll add, too......

That feedback from the exchange minis I've sent out have helped me improve dramatically.


I've yet to receive a miniature from the exchanges that I didn't absolutely love, and I'm sure that'll never change. However, if my partner in these things ever wants feedback, all they need to is ask.

I'm here to help in anyway I can. My previous partners have offered me the same courtesy, and I'm just passin' on the good faith...

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Top Posters In This Topic

For the record, there are still six people who haven't received minis for the Spring exchange (including one whose mini seems to have disappeared in the mail ::(: ). I have two that are finished and ready to be sent out whenever I get my act together. I have another that is about 90% done, and another that's about 40% done, and yet another that's primed and ready to be painted. These should all be out of my hands by September 15th.


So really I'm not done just yet, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now. And I know it's not a train.


Forgot to mention -- Steven, if you need anybody to paint extras (although it doesn't sound like you do), I can pitch in one or two as well.

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Though he doesn't know my exchange target, thanks to Frosch for some suggestions on selecting the right mini to use :)


This being mt first mini exchange, I was hoping someone would also post suggestions on how to pick the right figure for the person who is to receive it.


My exchangee wants fantasy and I have been working hard on one since I learned of the exchange. but, now after reading all the posts of the person I'm to exchange with I'm still not sure if my figure selection was correct. I don't want to disapoint her with a figure she doesn't like though I know the paint job is sound and some of my best to date work.


Anyone have ideas/tips for me


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