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Space Mouslings 80081-80086

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I wanted a little break from fantasy, so I opted for these Space Mouslings.  They are clearly an homage to GW Space Marines, and so I chose some colors that I thought would best represent the mice from Hitchhiker's Guide if they had some kind of "tactical response" team.  I chose the Dark Angels as my reference.  They seemed suitably shady and mysterious.  I started these guys on Jan 14th, and I decided I was done last night.  Here we go!


For this project, I opted for minimal mini prep.  I did no Xacto work, no putty.  I didn't even wash them.  I took them out of their little plastic bags, mounted them on handles and got to it.  For reference, this is what they look like before you do anything to them. 



First up, the Green Liner method.  This is undiluted, by the way and it's still wet as I took the photo.  Green liner for the armor. Grey liner for the mouse and its weapon.



At this point, I have no idea what to do with the bases. Eventually, I'll opt to just paint them black.


After applying the liner and looking at it for a while, the voice of Reaper continued to echo through my head, "Just paint your base colors directly onto the mini.  No primer needed!"  Here's that first result.  Ancient Oak for the armor and Mountain Stone for the weapon and head. This is still wet in the photo.  There's pooling, and I'll go through and correct that after the photo.



In this brief side-by side, I've decided that skipping the liner was the best approach for these guys.  In the end, it was simply fewer steps. Once I had the base color on, I could just start details and highlighting. With the liners, I have to base color after, so in my mind they were just adding an extra step for a level of color that would probably never be seen.  My opinion may change on the next project.  On the left is the paint-based model, on the right is the model I based with liner. As I study these photos, I see that the coverage on the liner is thinner -- I can see plastic filtering through.  This will persist throughout until I can get sufficient paint on the model to give me a solid block of color.  The paint-based model also has some coverage issues, but I think they're less-pronounced.  Reaper Bones paint seems to shrink very nicely upon curing.




And here they are all are, based with Ancient Oak and Mountain Stone.  You can see the liner-guy in the back.  At this point I've done some model assembly, and I'm already starting to regret it.  These dudes are so small that getting to all their nooks and crannies is pretty much impossible if you have all their stuff glued together.  Boo me.  At least I learned something.



At this point, I go to the faces.  I find that if I get the face done first, the rest of the model comes along pretty easily.  Also, the accessories I haven't glued on yet are below.  I had a moment of clarity with the rocket launcher and the officer's short cloak.  I mentioned that I wanted to use the mice from Hitchhiker's Guide and I remembered them being white lab mice.  Then I figured I needed a little diversity, because otherwise it's just weird, so I made one guy brown (technically, two, but the flamer guy is in a mask :-D )  I've opted to paint the bases black and be happy with that.



Face details.  Real mice don't have that much pink in their ears, but they just didn't stand out enough with it.  Artistic license!  



Dark Angels have red weapon details, so here's the start of that.  I went with Dragon Red first, and then Heraldic Red.  They never got red enough.  Next time I do red, I'm basing with a light tan.  Maybe even a white.  It's so hard to get red to pop, and I really wanted that here.  Ah well. This is where I'm starting the shoulder insignia details, too.  Again, I should have based the red logos with a much, much lighter color rather than starting with Dragon Red.  :-(



Here we go.  Heraldic Red is now on the weapons and shoulders.



More logo work.  And more white on the shoulders.  After I finished the chest insignia on the officer and the weapon insignia on the heavy I considered going back and doing the same thing on the shoulder: grey base and white detail, but I think it would dominate the model.



Weapon details were next.



Now the highlighting begins, after final assembly.  This is how I'm going to do it from now one.  First paint them up until you're ready to focus on details.  Then assemble and detail.  I've put a red stripe on the officer's cape.  It's a Dark Angels thing.



Highlighting, phase 2.  I've been telling myself I need to be more aggressive about highlighting, so here's that.



And finals:







Repent!  For tomorrow you die!

-- Dark Angels battlecry.


As always, thanks for your comments and critique.


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Removed stray pic from the bottom of the post.
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Nicely painted! But DA? Where are the dresses?

[MEOW decides to hold up a sign saying "For Russ!]

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They look great!

As for the dresses, not all Dark Angels wear robes, only characters and specials.


Image result for dark angel marines"

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20 hours ago, Original_Carl said:

Maybe I should have gone Space Wolves....

Nah, Dark Angels are a pretty neat and nifty faction. 

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