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Another monstrous growth by the Plague of the Warpath universe: The Aberration. This is what happens when the Plague's forced mutation/growth of the victim goes wrong...a blood-crazed, unthinking juggernaught killing machine results.


You know the drill: You are moving slowy down the darkened spacebase corridor, flickering lights illuminating splashes here and there, wisps of smoke drifting through the processed atmosphere. Everything is quiet, calm but ominous music wafts from somewhere in the background. Cold sweat dripping down your neck, out there in the darkness....something awaits.

Suddenly, a loud crash and tearing sound howls through the darkness, the lights go crazy in time with the sudden djent-metal music that inexplicably pounds in your ears as an inhuman roar resounds all around! Straight out of nowhere the massive monster lunges at you as your twitching, honed reflexes barely let you get out of the way in time as the demonic beast barrels past. You fire your shotgun dry, then you pull out the chainsaw...




more pics beneath the clicks:

200202-mantic-warpath-star-saga-plague-a 200202-mantic-warpath-star-saga-plague-a 200202-mantic-warpath-star-saga-plague-a 200202-mantic-warpath-star-saga-plague-a 200202-mantic-warpath-star-saga-plague-a

The Plague Aberration was once human...Now it stands several times the height and mass of a man. Strong enough to break steel, not to mention cracking open an APC with it's bare hands, thick-skulled enough to withstand several direct hits from most small arms fire.



I painted it much the same way as my other Plague models:

On a black undercoat zenithaled with light grey. A beigey-fleshy basecoat, several careful drybrushes with shades of beige and skin, globbing on a generous wash with citadel druuchi violet shade, carroburg crimson shade and athonian camoshade in places while the other shades are still wet. Two thin coats, pah! Glob it on I say! take care to not let it puddle too much though.

When dry, drybrush again with several beige and boney tones, up to very lightly with pure white on top. Some more carroburg crimson here and there for effect.

Dot in the eyes and teeth in white over black. Thinned light grey on claws and horns. Apart from the drying time, this is a very speedy and effectve way to do models with bio-organic shapes and/or lots of deep details like this one.

I mounted it on a 60mm lipped round base from Reaper miniatures as I am not too fond of the straight edged HDF bases like the one it is supplied with.



Demonic beast indeed! As this mini does not have any specific "sci-fi" bits to it, it will work equally well in most settings.



for the Plague faction in the Warpath universe games

Warpath, Firefight, DeadZone and Star Saga

Mantic Entertainment

PVC boardgame plastic

unknown sculptor

60mm base

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