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Ral Partha Lady Cleric casting spell by Julie Guthrie


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19 hours ago, ShantyShakin said:

Those transitions are smooth! Love it!

Thank you ShantyShakin, just a bunch of washes over a base blue!

8 hours ago, jdizzy001 said:

Very nicely painted mini. Those old mini have such charm to them. Life was simple then. Clerics carried maces, fighters carried swords and wizards cast magic missile then died cause they had no hp.

I have to admit it's one of the things I like about older figures, and I've mentioned it before, is the fact that they are usually not overladen with a bunch of extra dingly-dangly stuff on their person.

4 hours ago, Iridil said:

Another beautiful old sculpt brought to life - the blue is perfect!

Thanks Iridil!  As always, took forever to decide upon blue, but glad I did!

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