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Standifer’s Knights.


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I’ve decided to work on one of my unfinished projects when I am waiting for paint to dry on my Draconians. This is my Artemian Army as I call it, it is made up almost exclusively of Perry miniatures. I do have a couple reaper minis for Hero’s but they are done.  Most of the work involves baseing, but I’ve got a few banners to make and about 24ish figures to apply finish to.  


The fellows towards the front require the most work of the bunch. I’m scared to count them..........


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27 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice Army, I would like to see more and closer pics of the units.


And as requested, more pictures. Be warned there is a lot!

The archers. First rank.EE51D3E3-BD3A-4313-822A-BC964FB265A6.jpeg.5e765a003189bf9f8f4917006c4cfb09.jpeg

Second rank with the banner man.


Remember the Draconian WIP? The trike versus the knights? Well here they are.

I must admit the one on the white horse is my favorite.



Pikemen. 4D3709CF-7E6F-4BE9-B514-AF3E36C1F29F.jpeg.66371881c9b513563859149aa2a6869c.jpeg

Footknights I included the finished ones. 


More footknights.


And More footknights. Though the finished ones are my favorites.


And finally the Heroes.



I still have a couple figures on the spruce......

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In an effort to actually finish these minis I am endeavoring to work on at least a unit at a time until they are finished. We’ll see how this goes.

Today’s group was finishing the bases. 
I did the two heroes, some foot knight, and cavalry. 



Sorry that some of the pictures are a little blurry. 
Just a little bit of finishing touches on the figures themselves and maybe some bushes for the bases and these will be completely done!

Thanks for looking!

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Perry miniatures are wonderful.
Its even more amazing when you realise that one of the twins does the sculpting with one hand.

Personally I prefer the Perry Twinblade, but understand why the 3D printed one works better as a hero unit. Ahh the oversized pauldrons!  Best of all you can still use the Perry as a normal knight.

P.S. Autocorrect doesn't know what a pauldron is. It keeps on thinking it's a cauldron; with how oversized some sculpts make them, I am not surprised. 

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On 7/12/2020 at 7:43 AM, DragonWyrm said:

Personally I prefer the Perry Twinblade, but understand why the 3D printed one works better as a hero unit. Ahh the oversized pauldrons!  Best of all you can still use the Perry as a normal knight

I like them both to be honest. The Perry version’s biggest problem is that he tends to blend in a bit with the others. 
I’ve seen pauldrons that were much worse! 
I took some pictures. But while photos will put them on the correct orientation, the internet has them all upside down. So I will have to retake them later so everyone won’t hurt themselves trying to look at the pictures.

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