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RIP Kirk Douglas


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103 yrs old, he has led a long and interesting life.


He was basically the guy that ended the so-called Black Listing of actors and such.

Donald Trumbo was a scenario writer who's name was on that Black List and Kirk demanded that his name was listed on the credits of the movie.

Other movie makers followed in giving credit to people on the Black List after that.

In doing so he ended the Black List Policy.


You can make out the name in the lower right

Aanplakbiljet (1960)



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The actors I loved/admired are all from that time in my life when I could hear &, probably, before I was married & working horrendous hours.

Kurt Douglas was one of my favorites. He shone in whatever role he played. As Vincent van Gogh  in Lust for Life, he will live in my memory:



The World seems a bit empty.

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15 hours ago, odinsgrandson said:

Is it weird that I was impressed that he made it to 103?

I don’t think so. Actors tend to live fast, unhealthy lives. 

He had a long, full life, with family who loves him and many people who admired him. Can’t get much better than that in this world.

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