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Weird angry fridge magnet

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I'm sculpting this weird angry fridge magnet just for fun. The magnet in the base is about 19mm across, so the total thing is maybe 23mm.


Now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with him next... Might take some more inspiration from @malefactus and make him extra weird and awesome and worrying... ::D:




And yes, I know I have more smoothing to do! But I felt like sharing. ^_^

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Thanks! They're 6mm cabochons, and the pupils are a mixture of a couple different colour shift paints. They're less crazy sparkly in real life - the picture is zoomed in to pretty extreme proportions. ::):


I've added a tiny bit more clay and futzed around with him a little more. I'd keep going but I'm already late for heading to bed so...



Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with him next?

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If you put dents and crater in there and paint it grey it could be an angry moon.

You could also paint it in Joker/clown colours for extra creepiness.

Or KISS Make-up?

Maybe cover half the face in reptilian scales and half as human?


Many possibilities actually.

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