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Mousekiller's Mortals of Chaos

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This is the most ferocious of all of Kurgans hounds, worshipped by some of his breeding to be a gift from Khorne himself. This monstrosity has the heads of three hounds, a mane of poisonous snakes, and the tale of a dragon.


Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures

Sculptor: Unknown.







Cerberus, Chaos Spawn @CMON


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Manufacturer: Games Workshop Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Plagues

Sculptor: Unknown



Tumeric Bilestone grudgingly shifted his decaying mass away from the pile of corpses that lay in front of his small army. The stench of decay and buzzing of flies was like a feast to him, and brought on such a feeling of ecstasy. It was for these moments that he now existed, purging the life force of those mortals who refused the indulgence of his master, the Great Lord Nurgle. He and his band now found themselves in the extreme north, every day growing closer to their masters lair. How many years had passed? How many years since he was known as the second son of the renowned Preceptor Franz Feurbach of the Knights Panther? The years no longer mattered. All that mattered now was helping to spread the Lord Nurgles pestilence to the world, to bring the glory of his god to the unbelievers. Some of his men moved forward to grab bodies from the pile. They would lay a few of them in Tumerics tent this evening, so that he may spend more time in their decayed embrace. His men knew him well.

As he slept that evening, it was not the sleep of man. His dreams were plagued by images and strange voices. Finally, through the haze of foggy dreams, one voice was heard clearly, the voice of his lord. "Tumeric," it boomed. "You must gather your forces, the time has come!" He awoke in a great sweat, the sweet smell of the maggot covered bodies permeating the room. It was finally time. He would prove to his lord that he could rise to greater heights, perhaps even to become the Everchosen himself!








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