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Ral Partha Imports (maybe) pirate lass

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20 minutes ago, Mad Jack said:


 Were there any base markings on her?


Ah, a man who loves a mystery! So I forgot that I had a second copy of her. Here’s the markings on the bottom:BE723DDC-B058-49D4-AA34-46E50B0DB3E6.jpeg.b51e4db99ef7bfc880fe2df69a209a35.jpeg

Ral Partha Imports 1984. So now to check out that year’s or the following year’s catalogue!

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1 hour ago, Valandar said:

Well, that'd put it squarely at the end of Citadel's non-slotta base figure runs. Been looking, but not seeing anything in the catalog. However, the Partha Imports 1984 catalog only had maybe 1 pic for every 3 figs.

Yeah the good old days when you couldn’t necessarily see a photo of a miniature before you bought it.

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6 hours ago, stormbreach said:

Is it just me or does she appear to be intently studying the tip of her sword?  Great work on everything, she looks very natural in that darker skin tone.  And there's nothing wrong with that sword!

She’s contemplating who she’s going to stick that tip into!


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3 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

The contrasting colours really make her pop. I like the skintone and how you painted the white tunic. Not an easy colour. The NMM doesn't work for me, but it might just need a bright edge highlight to give it that metal look.

I totally agree with you on the NMM, I have a history of in my opinion at least of very hit and miss with metals.  Sometimes I kind of nail it but more often it's a bit wanting.

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