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*blows a thick layer of dust off of her tiny corner of the WIP section*


*sneezes violently*


Wow, it's been...way too long since I last posted a project here! :blink:


So, this is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head since Argent was announced, and I've finally gotten around to putting it into action. This is just for fun, and unless it turns out unexpectedly amazing, I don't plan to enter him at ReaperCon, which makes him just right for easing me back into regular painting!


My original idea was this: I discovered a paint pen that holds the EPITOME OF SHINY CHROME DELICIOUSNESS (search for Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker if you too want to revel in the glorious shiny) (also a shoutout to @LordDave for introducing me to this loveliness!). I already HAVE a shiny metallic dragon in my Ma'al drakar, and I couldn't have two all-metallic gigantic dragons in one household. It would just lead to bickering and drama about who's the favorite and oh-she-smudged-my-scales oh-no-I-didn't-he-started-it and honestly who even needs that? SO I wanted to experiment with painting Argent up using regular paints, then using the paint pen just on select scales and edges as a highlight.


In my head it looks FREAKING AWESOME. :B): Buuuut since there's a lot of unknowns about this pen and how well reality will conform to my vision...






First up, I tried my original plan of regular paint with chrome on the edges of stuff. I slopped these paints:



onto part of a spare Bones Battleguard Golem, since these are some of the colors I'm planning to use on Argent (haven't fully settled on my color scheme for him, but that'll come later). I forgot to take pictures of that part, so you'll just have to use your imagination!


Next, I used the chrome pen to try a few things; outlining armor segments, dot highlights, thicker vs. thinner lines, etc. And...none of them actually looked all that good. The chrome is just so very distractingly shiny compared to the matte paint that it just looks...bad. :down: But that's okay! This is what doing science is all about: trying lots of things and seeing what works! (Also known as "throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks" but I thought that might get kind of messy in this context)


So, next I tried chroming an entire shoulder section and glazing some of the Clear Phthalo Blue over the top.


(sorry for the blurry pictures, I may have been quivering from excitement :lol:)

(also ignore the random bits of gold, those are from a previous unrelated experiment)





This looked...much more promising! Huzzah!


Which brings me both to the next phase of testing, and my next post because this one has gotten long enough!



--OneBoot :D

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Suggestion: for the glazing layer, try one of the following:

  • Badger Ghost Tints colors
  • Gloss single-pigment translucents, like the Golden Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Blue or Phthalo Green, or almost any yellow heavily thinned with gloss medium
  • Reaper Clears mixed about 1:5 - 1:10 with Reaper Gloss Sealer

Glazes with matte paints will tend to kill the shine, but gloss glazes work better.

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