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BattleFx Fantasy: 3D Printable Spells, Magic, props and more


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 After the success of our first Kickstarter, we are now opening phase 2, which focuses on fantasy games. This time, we bring a fun and fresh way to level up any dungeon as well as table top miniatures. We have designed more than 60 magical effects, traps, tokens and condition rings to customize your work of art.

Every player is different, and now, providing an army, hero, or dungeon with a unique look is possible. Creativity is limitless! This new market is allowing us to create and offer highly detailed effects for people to print right after they purchase one of our packs. And we are eager to see what people do with them. We are confident that any hobby enthusiast will find many uses for these effects, just like we did.

We’d like to thank you all for taking a little time to see what we have created and sharing your thoughts.


  A new series of 3D printable effects for your Wargame Miniatures and Dungeon sets!


  • Marvelous designs and outstanding special effects quality
  • Beautiful sculpting based on actual dynamic simulations.
  •  Ideal for wargames such as D&D, Warhammer, Pathfinder, LOTR or any kind of diorama.
  • Unbelievable price relative to the quality. A limited collection for limitless printing.

***Included in the Arcane Edition Bundle*** 


 Visual representation is our main goal on this Kickstarter. Spells like "Create food and water" can now be 3D printed and represented on your tabletop games. Fire balls, dancing lights and way more to come!

db87b4af7f2fa6ee9cbc47b25e3a78ed_origina King's Fest, Bull's Strenght, Celerity, Eletrified Area, Dancing Lights or Slippery Floor are some of the tokens we painted! FDM or resin, both will look amazing on your dungeon.

 Traps are part of the arsenal of D&D masters and dungeons. We give them a personal touch using FX and lights. Perfect to decorate and display on deadly dungeons and battlefields!


 We have created an easy and visual way to represent your buffs, magics ,props and equipment without modifying your miniatures. You can add buffs like Bull's strength, magic shields and more.


We added 4 anchors to the bases and a lot of generic spells and buffs that work with tons of games. All of them already tested in filament and resin printers. 

89b90f8dc9bc53ec02f82c388aeafe6a_origina We'll provide a wide range of different inner diameter, and more different types in the Stretch goals!
751f6fb4b583577c347c0f12b2c01a81_origina Painted samples of a Spellbase with Bubble Shield, Bull's Streght and a combination of a few spells

We wanted to represent debuff and condition so you can place it on your miniature easily. Not only a card/token close to the mini, which creates confusion sometimes.

With that in mind, we have created a collection of rings: bleeding, confusion, sleeping and poisioned.


 We love minis, for that reason we have created miniatures for our campaing, to show a few examples of the use of our spells. (Human wizard included in the initial bundle)

They are going to be the big stretch goal of our campaign! If you like our designs, stay tunned to our social media!

0d045cff278b6808f9fc4dbaed1d06f2_origina Our elder wizard and two of our Stretch goals Characters!

 It's hard to decide which effect or prop we want for your wizard!. So we have designed a wide variety of props and spells ready to be used on your collection of minis and BattleFx Fantasy minis. 

15e69d4bb9ab7bb046aaf286b5989037_origina Hobbypalooza studio made an amazing paintjob with our Wizard!

 We've prepared them to be easy to magnetize. It's the best way to visualize how your characters evolve or change their equipment.

2d57793d003c97b878444bb2bb000c11_origina We have designed our miniature hands, spells and props with 2x1 mm magnets holes.

 Most of our FX are perfect for tons of games, not only dungeon crawlers. The collection we present is more focused on wargames.

56d1fe211cecb525bd51095d4a1d1cf4_origina Painted samples. Fire Arrow (FDM - Ender 3), Fire Ball (FDM - Ender 3) and Gunpowder Weapon FX (Resin - Elegoo Mars)

 Firewalls, perfect for the deadliest wizard or to populate your battlefield. Dangerous terrain with vines or spider webs! We did a collection of magic walls, with 1 and 2 tile size.

cfa67bcf733a2d3ddd22a9be1a52fde6_origina All 3D printed in FDM and painted by us! A bit of color make them pup!
12eb03cb7441391fbd08a9b491b52a2e_origina Wizard with hat, Fire Ring, Square 20 and 25mm Spellbase
a6c55e017d0aa374ddda946902a3abd1_origina Permanent Storm Spell ( two parts) and Big Tornado Spell
e434a65f585b65a0ecebef90b21438e1_origina Key Spellbase, Frozen Ring , Fire Arrow Model 2
e71f611cca810e8717a824056fe12172_origina Doctor Strange's Shield ( two types) and Doctor Strange's Hands
80d5dec4c40de2500e20972dcb80cc3b_origina Saw Trap and Spellbase Scroll

 The Project is organized into 7 sets grouped from smaller sets to bigger sets. All of them have the Arcane edition bundle included. Limited set are marked as such, with special rewards (CustomFx) that you can check below. 

"Bullet shells and spells" pledge, include our first kickstarter (BattleFx), with all the stretch goals and custom FX, you can check the content here.


We want to thank the community allowing them to create their own effects. People tell us what they have in mind and we make it real. That simple. Everybody has imagined a personal customization for its mini, dungeon or tabletop game. We would like to offer them the opportunity to create that dream or specific effect for a lower price than on request.

These effects are divided into three categories: S, M and L. (small, medium and large, but not only means size, also complexity).

bfc1b5b85cca79ecd2515edfbcb9f892_origina "S" Size Samples
6bbd1d07d2c06aaa35616fe60a34538f_origina "M" Size Samples
3e8210ace32b9cb5a983d75a4f10e6d0_origina "L" Size Samples

 The S category includes small effects of little complexity. The M category includes either a small and complex effect or a medium one of little complexity. And the L category includes large simple effects or small and medium effects of high complexity.  

Our effects are generic but totally adaptable. Still, if people have an idea, they can carry it out, we will design it for them. All Custom will be realeased for EVERYONE! So, If you think the 3D printing community need that idea, here is the perfect ocasion!


 We learned a lot of our previous Kickstarter, so now we have a more solid website and a bigger team. We want everything to be delivered perfectly. Check all the stages below:


Please note that while we’ll do our best to meet these dates, they are an estimation. Read the Risks and Challenges section below for more information about this matter.



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