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Paint and suffering

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Okay. It's been a long time since I painted, and I'm trying to get back into the hobby. I miss it, and I want to play Warlord with some nicely painted models. But, here is the problem I am encountering while working on my first batch of Reven and Razig grunts. Several years ago, I was in a bad traffic accident, which messed up my hands, wrists, and back pretty badly. Now, when I try to paint, after about a half an hour, my fingers start to go numb and my wrists start hurting. If I was Jester, this would be no problem, as he can seemingly finish a whole Warlord troop in the time it takes most of us to watch a sitcom, but for me, it's making the process take forever.

I don't know what to do. I've tried wearing the ridiculous brace that I hate utterly, but I have so little manual dexterity with the thing on that I have no brush control. I could commission someone to paint them for me, and while that would certainly translate into much better and faster work then I could produce, it kind of defeats the purpose (not to mention being cost prohibitive).

Anyone have any ideas? I'm really getting frustrated.

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Did you ever do PT for the injuries?


It might also just be lack of strength/flexibility for these particular motions that may improve over time and use.


For the time being I would say, take it slow and easy, see if it improves with more time. If not, talk with an orthopedist, try to see someone that specializes in hand/wrist injuries. It could be something as simple as needing stretching excercises to break up old scar tissue, or there may be something structural getting in the way. Either way, if it persists, and you have health insurance, make use of it.


My hands cramp up if I spend too much time in one sitting doing nothing but holding a brush. I usually break during sessions just to relax, let my eyes uncross, and let my hands uncramp. On very humid days, I will usually take an anti-inflammatory too, as a prophylactic, because I know those broken wrists and fingers are going come back and haunt me. Along with the other dang joints. The joys of having body parts as barometers.

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Yup: when you feel the "pain before the real pain starts" take a break... and make it about twice as long as you want it to be.... then get right back at it. Plan your painting days so you may do this.


Do all the exercises and stretches that the PT's recommended (if ya had some after the accident). If not... do the one's that you know help. Start it slow.


Get the right amount sleep as often as possible... do the painting when you are your most limber...


How's that for a hodge-podge of advice?



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You know I had a similar problem after a unfortunate parachuting accident in the military. I broke my left wrist on the fall and after it healed the physical therapist gave me an exercise that helped immensly. Take a dumbell (light one at first) in your injured hand. Place your arm on your corresponding leg just enough to let your wrist hang over your kneecap. Then cup the dumbell with the tip of your fingers and curl it using only your wrist. Repeat this every day for as long as you can stand it.



You might want to get a "proffesional" opinion but this helped speed up my recovery.

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I know what you're going thru! I have been in the same boat for over a year. I have found that the best thing for me was going back to what my Sifu taught me which was get some tiger balm liniment or Iron hands and generously rub that into all the areas that get sore about 10 - 15 min. before you start. Then take breaks to stretch as much and as often as the figure allows. When I was doing my iron hands training this proved invaluable.

I had surgery this past friday for my hand and shoulder and am again in a full arm imobilizer so I'm somewhat out of commission but this is my plan of action when I can get going again.

These days you can find tiger balm at the local pharmacy or asian food market and a little goes a really long way. Another option is Salon Pas patches but they are not as useful because you would wind up wrapping your hand like a mummy :poke:

I hope this helps but if you warm muscles before you use them they tend not to get as angry when you abuse them.

Keep painting and pace yourself

but most of all have fun


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You might also want to consult your doctor. Take notes of everything that happens, and in what order. There might be something wrong that needs to be fixed (like some loose bone fragments in the joint). They might also be able to inform you of some exercises you can do to help with the pain.

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