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We will Roc You

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I’m working on trying to get this big guy painted to tabletop standard by the time I have to use him at our next Pathfinder D&D session to represent the Roc King on Tilagos Island in the Demiplane of Last Resort, in the Age of Worms adventure path.



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I got to work a bit more on this one afternoon after work this week. Hopefully I will get to work on it again once or twice more before the game where he will get used on the game table.





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Looks really good.


Question for you, since you've painted and assembled the Roc now - Do you think it would be difficult to mount the Roc on a large transparent flight post, rather than the provided rocks? It'd probably need to be a large post, but I'm curious what your thoughts are on the viability.

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Disciple of Sakura, The point of contact is small and easy to sculpt over so in that sense it would be easy. The challenge is to find a transparent flight post that will bear the weight. It’s Bones and not metal but still pretty heavy.

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    • By GodOfCheese
      I loved this sculpt from the moment I saw it. I absolutely could not wait to paint it. But I was intimidated by it for a variety of reasons. I didn't like most of the color schemes I initially chose, and repainted him several times. I wanted a decent base for him (I greatly regret not rebasing Cthulhu, for example), etc. etc.  
      But then things just kind of came together and I painted the beastie a little bit at a time over the past few days... and I'm really happy with the outcome!
      C&C appreciated -- this guy was unexpectedly challenging for me, so there's probably oppo for improvement here. :-)

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      Frost Giant King and Queen. C&C welcome.

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      Frost Giant Court - King, Queen, and Guards are from earlier KS (I believe), Rangers are add-ons from Bones 4. C&C welcome. Will post close-ups of rest tomorrow.

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      Since I’m wrapping up Deladrin, here is the next in the queue.  Devona, Female Wizard.  She’s a curious wizard with plate mail leggings, a chain mail skirt, and a staff that looks more like a spear.  Also, is her torso adorned with a breastplate?  Or is it part of her dress?  And what’s up with the scalloped things on her back?
      Not sure what I’m going to do with her.  I hope you enjoy the process of discovery tagging along with me.  The one thing I have decided is to try to give her more of an East Indian skin tone.


    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello forum friends, wanna share with ya'll my most recent painted mini. We have a lot of time atm to hobby hard! :D
      Tryed new tecnics on this bad boy (well new for me) like loaded brush, mixing colors right on the mini etc. Took me way less that layering and glazing, obvious the quality is lower, but still good IMHO.
      The palette of choice is the most natural possible, lot of oranges and browns, but also some punchy color like the blue of the hairs and a bit of red.
      Also used some dry pigments on the base... not good result, but still accetable for tabletop.

      Any C&C is welcome, let me know if you like it.
      Thanks for watching :)
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