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Drakes...now Dragons Too!

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Also a good start for Dinos...


The "If I can't sell them" part..

If you make them so, that you can also create a STL file for 3D printing you could always sell copies through a platform like Shapeways.





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Got the Blue and Red made at lunch:












Be aware that these are only posed in two planes for now.  I want to keep the bilateral symmetry across the X axis so I can use Symmetry to sculpt the like features on each side.  Actual posing will happen before detailing.

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4 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

At this point I am aiming for 1" bases, since D&D 5e lists them as medium.


2 minutes ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

WHOA really? That seems so undersized for current mini standards haha 


I admit upfront I am more used to Warhammer than the 5 foot squares of RPGs. That said,...


A one inch (wide) Cavalry Base seems more appropriate and likely for this sorta creature. 


74012 (Although I can’t find a picture of it in the store.)


2 hours ago, GHarris said:

1" bases sound about right, if I remember right from Rise of Tiamat they were about the size of a large dog?

They’ll be smaller than those baby dragons Reaper did if they are truly dog-size. Eventual pose all curled up like somebody told them “SIT!”  [?] so their tails and necks don’t invade other squares?

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