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Drakes...now Dragons Too!

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2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

The white is my favorite so far. 

I know some people want these bigger, but I hope your client keeps the idea of a 1" base. 


I am pretty sure he is.  At most the two bigger ones might move up to 1.5 (which at least for the Red should still be canon).  I will likely have to repose and resculpt the Red to be on all fours, or at least be more laterally aligned.  As it is currently sculpted, it would need to be in 7 pieces and that is just not feasible.

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So, after a long discussion with my client, we decided on the following changes:


- Green is good as it is, no changes.

- White is close to perfect, but I am going to add webbing from the head spine to the neck like in the old 1e white dragon

- Blue will have a nose horn reduction and other minor head changes to make the head a little closer to the 1e style than the 3e style

- Black will have a completely new head and neck frill to bring it more in line with the 1e designs

- Red needs a whole new pose to make it more castable.  Might redesign things a bit to reflect 1e inspiration, but I definitely won't be doing the old grandma glasses look of the face of the 1e red.


I started the black, but still have a lot of details left to add to the face, fixes to the back scales, and raising the front foot so we can enlarge it by about 5mm:






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I love the changes to the Black with a powerful love. No, seriously. Black Dragons are my favorite of all the chromatics, and the first 1E dragon I ever fought. I will never not love the design for the Blacks from the 1e MM. Thanks for making my Monday happy. 

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