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Drakes...now Dragons Too!

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In addition to small drakes, it is looking like these will also become...DRAGONS!!!

(Note that all of these wings are still WIPs with no detail yet.)


Alternate old-school form:









Green is still mostly just wireframe (which version do you like better; we are trying to decide):

Wings partly open:




Wings fully folded:



Opinions welcome.


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I ended up going fully folded at this time.  It took a while to get the look and feel of the folded membranes right.  I got the left wing done last night. I'll post pictures once I get the right one done.  Getting the left wing done last night was one of those fun moments when I actually impressed myself; it looks so cool!

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50 minutes ago, TGP said:

Is this a new set of Drakes? or new and improved(?) versions of the previous Drakes?? (...now with Wings ! !)





Iterations of the original.  We are still going to produce the wingless small versions, but will also be making larger dragon versions.


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Argh, I totally missed this! 


My humble opinion is that both versions look awesome and that I'll buy both winged/wingless versions when they hit retail. Heck, I'd buy the 'wings out' version too as I've been hoping you'd do more draconic stuff for years. 



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