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Drakes...now Dragons Too!

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11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Is Z-Brush hard to learn for someone who can't sculpt with putty?



Besides what Talespinner already said you also have to remember that learning how to sculpt in this scale and making the model printable while keeping detail intact is another skill that you have to master in this industry. You can have some models that look gorgeous in the renders that don't work when printed out, let alone being molded and cast.

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7 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

No idea why, but at this stage does that drake ever look like either a punk rocker who's having a good time...  Or a metalhead who's having an equally good time... ^_^




Great progress! I love these drakes so far, really a missing link in the miniature market!

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2 hours ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:



Standard brush with Alpha 24.  Use a bigger brush to make the texture deeper.  It prints pretty good.  I use it with alternating Alt key to really punch the texture.  Here, I only wanted a hint of texture in the final and this one is considerably bigger than the others, being a large creature.  I still may go in a deepen it again later.  Use Masks to keep the big brushes from ruining surfaces you don't want textured.


By the way, I made an IMM brush for the scales.  Thanks for the direction.

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