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Bones 4 Goblin Heroes

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So I have project to give guns to all of the goblins made in bones material. I like to use them as my time travelling goblin horde. These three were the latest to get a quick conversion and paint job. Sincerest apologies to Bobby Jackson who I believe sculpted these.




I started on these guys because I've recently been wanting to try some camouflage ideas. The guy on the right I think I went a little to close on some of the colors used. But the wizard character's cloak turned out alright. From tabletop distances it looks halfway decent.




Coincidentally, the guy on the left was both the first and the 150th mini I've painted from bones 4. 





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44 minutes ago, Jellyranger69 said:

If Guillermo del Toro directed Time Bandits....



Very nice work here!

Thanks! For both the compliment and the hearty laugh. 

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