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SKU: 77278 Bones Sharkman by Glitterwolf

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14 minutes ago, Crowley said:

Nice work! Love the base!!


Thank you!


I used Vallejo Desert Sand, Highlighted it and for the water Vallejo Water Effects with a little wash and highlight, added two small real seashells as well.

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1 hour ago, Kangaroorex said:


I like it!  I also always liked how he's using a megalodon's tooth as a dagger.


Nicely done and a great base!


Thank you!

I also liked the weapon, comes with the sculpt, it has been in his family for centuries.

58 minutes ago, Venun said:

Looking good! Great basing again (y) 



He deserved a nice base, it's a cool sculpt.

Edited by Glitterwolf
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11 hours ago, malefactus said:

Even the shore is not safe! The Shark Boy is a BEAUTIFULLY painted & based creation. VERY WELL DONE!

Does this mean you new painting area is open for business?



Thanks Al, happy you like him!

And no, not yet, we will move on March 28th and then it will take some time to set up the work area, I need to buy a desk, display case etc etc.

Until then i will still need to set up/ break down my painting stuff. 

With all that's going on I can paint little right now, so I was glad to be able to finally finish this guy.

10 hours ago, Corsair said:

Looks fantastic! Well done Buddy!



He was fun to paint, more sea creatures/monsters etc. to come in the future.

8 hours ago, Thoramel said:

Very nice! Great base.


Thank you!

The Vallejo Sand paste helps a lot for Deserts and Beache bases.

I always try to put my minis in an environment that suits them, sometimes it works better than other times, but it's fun.


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    • By Brianuk
      I had fun painting this one. The base coat is just a couple of coats of Panzer grey primer from Vallejo, which came out with quite a nice gloss finish. 
      The base is just my usual modelling paste, paint, and gloss mod podge. 

    • By DragonWyrm
      While waiting for the  Dark Depths expansion from Bones 5, I got a little into the nautical theme. After being some example of the shark from the WizKids deep cuts line. While gap filling with green stuff, I decided that just painting the shark would be boring. So I sculpted a really basic tail and magnetised it. Sure the tail is really basic and I am missing a couple of the smaller fins, but it does work for its intended purpose. 
      If I ever decide to return to this project, I may make a transparent base that would hold the shark off the ground. Allowing it to double as either a jumping shark or a swimming one.

    • By Glitterwolf
      Part of my Beneath the Waves Project.
      WIP: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88958-beneath-the-waves-by-glitterwolf/page/6/#comments
      Design: EPIC MINIATURES Printed on ELEGOO MARS.  

    • By Glitterwolf
      I got this one printed out in FDM from a kickstarter.
      In hindsight I should have chosen resin, it did help me decide to go for a resin printer myself.
      The printlines are visible and it's rough, I even used putty to smooth things out where I could.
      All in all a nice sculpt though.
      WIP here:

    • By Brianuk
      I picked up some of the Cmon Wrath of kings Hadross pit fighters cheaply, and have painted a couple of test models. I am not sure about the scheme but will keep at it. 
      The bases don't show up well but I poured Mod Podge (the relief one) into an upside down Reaper plastic base. The product is a lot thinner than mod podge and it is hard to 'sculpt'. Will have a think about how to make these more dramatic. 

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