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Practicing gold NMM on the enlarged dark dwarf


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I think the amount of white is good, it's hard to tell without darker shades. You're going to get more definition for the edges of the armor if you give the viewer a little more information. I'd suggest using some oranges and reddish browns all the way to a dark umber color in the underside of the plates along his hips and thighs.

Here's an awful mock up from paint that is sort of representative of what I mean.


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The highlight placement seems a bit off for NMM to me; the edges are good, but otherwise placement seems like that of standard cloth or skin. A lot of those shapes would do better being treated as cylinders, then highlighted like that (take a look at a metal lamp pole, or spoon handle, for some ideas there). The color is also very dull for gold, and needs more shadowing - well into dark browns. Gold is a very warm hue; I'm getting a sandstone or blonde hair color impression from that hue right now. Put a bit more warm orange into the base color to really sell it, I think.


It is a tough color to put together!



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Thanks craydis your right on the shadows as mentioned by Larps above.  Still need to work up and down on low lights highlights and at this point is not reading as gold.  The flatter surface is tough.  Did a little more work on the highlights but still a ways to go.



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