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Practicing gold NMM on the enlarged dark dwarf

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Little late with this one, multiple projects going that may one day get finished but I wanted to reacquaint my self with gold NMM.  This one uses reapers warm gold triad.

Got some shadows in place using red brown, happier with it now

Worked up more highlights mostly inside of the shield

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Purple is almost always good. I'd go brown-green or brown-orange on this one, depending on if I wanted it warmer or cooler. I think purple would diminish the gold-ness of it, unless you were going for an aluminum alloy gold which is in fact, purple.

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If I get stuck on where the highlights go, I test it, typically close to the start of painting NMM stuff. A basic white line or dot (whatever the shape is). Put a few of those in, and then try shading it later. The lazy unrefined line will pretty much go away, but it is a great way to guide the result. Just paint over the test highlight if it is in the wrong spot, before shading has really begun.

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