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    • By SamuraiJack
      FOUNDED!!! Thank you all very much!
      -Third goal reached! Again, thank you all!
      Unlocked so far:
      Infantry Commander: 4 new heads for each infantry squad, 4 different banners. 5 one handed axes, 5 new shields. A new religious pilgrim thematic infantry. It will have customizable arms and heads, and will come with its own set of weapons and shields. (And holy relics!) A new Two handed swords and axe infantry! Equiped with chainmail and  gambeson this infantry will be the elite troops of any army! Knight: 8 new knight´s Great Helms, 6 new shields. 5 special mono-pose thematic torsos for champions. Knight: Horse backpacks with accessories for traveling knights, plus another 5 special mono-pose thematic torsos for a king´s guard. A mounted damisel with it´s own personal 5 squad monopose female guard! Beast Master: 3 new multipiece Demigryph mounts.  3 new multipiece hipogriff mounts. A new lady in a new pegasus, ready to encourage the hearts of her people! Knight accessories, work in progress The monopose figure is one of the religious pilgrims from the second stretch goal, and the one handed axe and the shields are from the first stretch goal, both are from the infantry commander pack. One of the monopose female guard of the damsel! Work in progress Thank you all! Let us go for the Fourth Stretch Goals:
      A small pack of warhammers and halberds for all backers, plus a war priest on foot for the Infantry Commander pack, a war priest with its own unique armoured horse for the Knight pack, and a war priest on a demigryph for the Beast Master pack!
      Also: a small update on supports and infantry legs.
      As many of you have asked me, I have decided to change how I have put the supports on the legs of the infantry. This also involves minor modifications to the robes to facilitate printing, making them a little more wavy at the bottom.
      Welcome to 3D Printing Army of the Old Age: a full modular army of knights for skirmishes, tabletop and war games!
      This is my first release of 28 heroic scale miniatures, a huge project that aims to change the way we have been 3D printing for wargames from now on. 
      Like many I wondered if 3D printers really served to build an entire army, or only served to print monsters, heroes, or figures with strange positions in which supports were avoided, with the added difficulty of unifying all of them into certain proportions. I often came across extraordinary designs, but too different to build a coherent army.
      The second point was the difficulty of customizing the models, one of my favorite parts of the hobby, with the added problem of gluing many of the resin pieces together. Frequently they had been cut after designing them, without any type of connector that would make the work easier, and depending on the size of the piece, forcing it to be drilled to include wire or other hooks. 
      I was thinking for a while about how to avoid these problems, and so now I am pleased to present the birth of Tartessos miniatures, with the intention of offering people an entire army, with infantry units, cavalry, and trained creatures to confront and destroy the enemies of Order and Peace. An army designed on the basis of small pieces, of fast printing, which in turn require smaller supports; a highly customizable and expandable army: a system that allows you to prepare archers on horseback, knights on foot, pikemen on griffins... Whatever you want or need!
    • By Clearman
      3D Print and print on demand.  Launches 6/5


    • By Clearman
      32mm physical models sculpted by Boris Woloszyn

    • By Clearman
      Beautiful 90mm resin minotaur and hero miniatures.

    • By SamuraiJack
      Challenge Fate in the all new Two-Player Battle Set for Relicblade!
      Malevolent arcane storms erupt from the moldering remains of ancient gods. At the opulent zenith of forbidden temples, bold heroes and dark champions clash for supremacy. Will you harness the languishing fury of the forgotten gods, or lay low the otherworldly oppressors to free the world from their hateful designs?
      Back at the Bold Adventurer pledge level to bend the fate of the world to your iron will!! 
      Relicblade is a tactical fantasy miniatures game! Players recruit the ultimate squad of fantasy heroes or cruel villains as they battle over the fate of the world. Choose your path and gather the greatest warriors of the age to your cause! Enter a world of magical treasures, wonders, and horrors. Compete against rivals in the bitter struggle for supremacy! The rules are deceptively simple and easy to learn, but you'll immediately face deep tactical choices in this dynamic battle game. 
      Studio Miniatures painted by Malev This Kickstarter campaign will launch an all new two-player battle set. This set includes two full sized 100-point warbands consisting of eight powerful champions and a full deck of all-new cards. Players will also take on the rebel gods at the cursed Temples of Kural in the included scenario pack. The two-player set not only expands the game, but also offer a great entry point for new players as they explore the 2nd Edition of Relicblade! 
      -Core Pledge Level-  The Core pledge level includes:
       8 Relicblade Miniatures. High-quality, easy to assemble, and glorious to paint, one-part metal miniatures.
         36 beautifully illustrated Relicblade cards. Including 8 character cards, 18 upgrade cards, 6 relic cards, and 4 rules reference cards.
         Storms of Kural scenario pack. The set will include a compact pamphlet with intense scenarios to challenge your skills in the explosive Storms of Kural.
         Two-Player Token Set. Including 10 dodge tokens, 6 disabled tokens, two bind tokens, two double-sided stun/poison tokens, double-sided armor buff/debuff token, double-sided buff/debuff token, 1 target ground token, 1 double-sided spell token, 3 double-sided relic/treasure marker tokens, 1 critical wound token, and two precision measurement gauges.
         Signed art print. Limited edition 6"x9" Storms of Kural art print signed by creator Sean Sutter.  Exclusive Relic Card. Relic cards are the powerful unidentified magical items that are drawn from the aptly named Relic Deck. Add this exclusive Storms of Kural Kickstarter relic card to your collection!
        New Players boost to the "Champion of Adventure" tier to include the hardcover core rulebook at a steep discount!
      AND UK friendly... :o
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