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7 hours ago, GlenP said:

Looking good! I take it from the gaps in the hull this a modular gaming boat? Pity the guy who has to clean the bilges... 


It comes in pieces. Unfortunately my workspace is small enough that I have difficulty painting large objects there. So when I've got something like this I have to paint it in chunks. Then handle the gaps during assembly. Then go in and touch up. Not optimal I know, but it works. 

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Been a few days, but got a chance to get back at it the last couple of evenings. Managed to get everything not already painted or in progress primed. And even managed to start getting color on a few pieces. And since I was at it, I thought I'd go ahead and throw a couple of other boats in there. 



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I'm finding that painting this much wood is turning into a chore. All of what I've been thinking of as "dark wood" is finally done. Next up is finishing the "light wood" trim and the "orange-ish wood" details. And then I'm not painting anything with wood in it for quite some time. 





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Made some decent progress recently. I think I'm done painting all the wood at last! Except for touch ups and such, of course. Since I had all the requisite paints for wood out and was working on the barge I figured I'd throw some other minis on the table to get done at the same time. I finished those off last night. 




I'll make a show off thread for those at some point. I've also started the final assembly process.




And although I can't remember which ghosts came with the barge in bones 4, and which were in the core set, these are the only 2 left I haven't painted. So I figured I might as well finish them up while I'm at it.




Working on the canopy next. Then it's back to painting more of the skeletal stuff on here. 

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The first round of painting is done for the boat. The ferryman is still in progress though. Most everything, with the exceptions of the canopy and mast, is glued together. I'm going to go over it next and patch as many gaps as I can. Then it's just touch ups and I should be done with it. 






I wasn't sure if I wanted to include the figurehead or not. But after a quick paint job I decided it worked better than I expected. 



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