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In order for me to throw out some Merc group names, tell us a little about your group. What nationality is the majority of your force, what jobs will they take, and what jobs will they not take. What colors do they use on there uniforms? What type of commander do they have? Is he reliable or does he run for cover everythime its time to fight? Do you have a specific reason for the Merc groups formation, or was it just a business venture for someone? Do they have a certain call sign that everyone can recognize?

Tell us a little something about them first.



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Just airing out a few ideas that have nothing whatsoever to do with the general premise of the topic at hand:


Ryoga's Riders. (We've been on maneuvers forever, nobody knows navigation and we've forgotten where our home base is. But we always manage to find the enemy and make them feel our steel.)


Looking back over my old notes...when I started gaming, I had a system of naming my units after the mascots of schools I attended, cars my family drove, and their corresponding years. Examples:


74th Mech Inf Btn (Tecumseh-Shermans)

Assigned Companies: A (Buckeye Browns); B (Red Neutrons)


76th Mech Inf Btn (Buffalo Soldiers)

Assigned Companies: C (Brass Mavericks); D (Plowmen)


79th Armor Team (Lancers of the Lakes)

Assigned Troops: E (Garfield's Goldmen); F (Gibson's Bluelights)


The larger units were named for the mascots and the smaller ones named for cars. I know it doesn't look so obvious...I tend to play around with the names a while before I come up with one that's right.

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Well lets see. I have run thru several names with my force. There have been The Hitmen, Demon Dogs, The Dark Dragons, The Spectre Legion, and the Iron Men. The current name (And one I think I will stick with) is Lucifer's Choosen. Since all the members have been either kicked out or left, their nations standing army.

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Merc names...


Well Let's see... some of the name I use are

Terran Foreign Legion

heck's Kitchen Irregulars (currently I'm using them)

Bohemian Dolls (techinically they are a part of HKI)

Los Muertos (actually this is my Brother-in-Law's mercs)


Miracule Makers (this was the name of my first merc unit when I played CBT back some hundred years ago)


Ok since you like Rhinos I'll take it yer a heavy hitter fan...




Kiles Silonie (Adonnese for Slayer of Bunnies)

WareWolves (lead by Col. John Talbit)

Rabid Ragdolls

Section 8 (they're crazy MoFos)

Brainwashed Rabbits of Doom

Clan Fuzzy Bunnies (oops that one is already taken)

Sledgehammers (hey anybody remember that old TV series?)

The Blues Brothers ( :blues: )

Vagner's Ride of the Valkyries (hmm that sounds like it might make a cool name for a ship)


Or you could try for something more unique

Washburn and Aldarnese Tactical defense Inc.

or you could just use intials and never reveal what they mean...


(who's yer Daddy?)


Naming yer merc group is very tricky

I name mine heck's Kitchen Irregulars and Rebel Yell started to call them the "hickey" (HKI)


But always remember no one laughs after you've just nuked their army :devil:

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