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Even more CAV

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Clan Fuzzy Bunnies (oops that one is already taken)

Ooooo I know where you've been hanging out. Janna wouldnt like if you swiped her clan's name. ::P:::D::lol:

shhhhh... Don't tell her I'm over here or she'll beat me up again...



Seriously though I used to hang out over at MWCommunity but got tired of all the negitive crictism the players had...

As far as I'm concerned its the players that are killing that game... :grr:

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Here are a few names for Merc. Groups



Plague Bringers

Shambling Behemoths

Silent Transgressors

Mountain Breakers

Spear Chuckers

Grave Walkers

White Wolves

Night Owls

Spent Shells

Feasting Crows


Warlords of the Dark

Puppet Masters

Haunted Protectors

Idiot Savants

Boiling Blood

Herd Cullers

The Dove Flock



Maybe one of these will help you.



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For names for Merc groups I like alliteration with the commanders name. 2 I had for Battletech were:


Cooper's Commandos

Gibson's Gunfighters


Of course, I ripped the idea off from "Hammer's Slammers".

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