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Decuma: The R&D for your RPG

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Looks kinda cool. Don't like that they apparently don't have much of any of the art done tho. Also couldn't find clear examples of the kind of questions that will appear on the cards (I gave up trying to skim the podcasts for it, so this is probably my own fault).

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Dungeon World (and the free One-Shot World on DriveThruRPG) does something similar, but on pen and paper and as a brainstorming session.


Glad to see another hobby company owned by women. Tiny Furniture and Bad Squiddo come to mind as other such companies. IIRC, Oathmark and Loke Battlemats are husband-wife partnerships. 

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We only have 24 hours left in the Decuma Kickstarter! The finish line is in sight! 

In the last 30 days we have raised nearly 500% of our original goal (maybe over 500% by the time you read this) and had 1,600 people back Decuma. It's overwhelming. Thank you all so much for making this happen and being part of this journey. Our final stretch goal is unlocked, so you will all get special printable Decuma note pages to record all your creative collaborations!

Let's make a final push for Decuma! The gold leaf cards and boxes are a kickstarter exclusive. They won't be available again! Don't let your friends miss out! Please share this campaign one last time on social media, reddit, forums, Discord channels, etc! 

What is next for Decuma

Honestly, we aren't sure. We will be focusing on completing the artwork and fulfilling the Kickstarter for most of 2020. That is our #1 priority. 

We are getting some questions about where people will be able to get Decuma after the kickstarter has been fulfilled, but that hasn't been decided yet. We originally were thinking of a print-on-demand option, but we are now looking into possibly opening up an online store of our own or partnering with an online retailer to sell cards that way. Again, we won't be worrying about this until we finish with delivering on the Kickstarter, so it won't be for a while.

The safest bet to get Decuma in 2020 (and the only way to get gold cards) is to BACK THE KICKSTARTER! 

We will post after we cross the finish line tomorrow with survey information and more!

<3 Golden Lasso Games

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43 minutes ago, Voyerx3 said:

These look so cool. I was thinking of backing it for my birthday but it would be too long of a wait for them to be in my hands. lol

You're gonna need a birthday present next year too, you know. :rock::lol:

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    • By Annie
      Hi Chums! Sorry I left it so late to post, I have been ill the whole Kickstarter! Just scrambling now in the last few hours - despite this though it's going brilliantly!

      We are close to the last stretch goal now - an adoring fan for our guitar player! Yes you heard that right!


      Unlocks have been:
      Winter Tank Riders Pack A
      Winter Tank Riders Pack B
      Winter Tank Command
      Winter Tank Hunters
      Dzhulbars the Mine Hunting German Shepherd with handler
      Kneeling Sniper Team in snow suits
      Lyudmila Pavlichenko
      Anti Tank Rifle Team
      Traffic Controllers
      Winter Advancing Command
      The Eastern Front is obviously a very grim setting, and whilst fascinating to research, it can get very heavy! This range has a much less jolly feel than the last load of Home Front British miniatures, for obvious reasons (being more front line based) but I wanted to add some endearment in there to make people smile. And when I research these projects, the people definitely make their way into my heart through the memoirs and photographs. So I'd like them to be having a bit of fun.

      So far we have the accordion player and dancers, and these will fit brilliantly with them to make a nice camp fire diorama (check out our camp fires too!).

      Cheers all!
      Bad Squiddo Games Bosslady

    • By Auberon
      I didn't see this KS listed after a quick search.  I like the painters, and I like HD, but there's just so much free stuff out there now...
      Miniature Painting Masters

      Welcome Table-Top Fans!
      Welcome to the Miniature Painting Masters video series. Here you will learn the secrets of the world's best miniature painters!
      We have partnered up with 4 of the best painters in the industry. Each one will paint 12 different miniatures to their highest level of quality. Then you, the backers, will choose 24 miniatures for us to paint on camera (6 models from each painter). This gives you the opportunity to select only the very best work from each painter!
      NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! This series is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Our goal is to help you quickly improve your skills by building upon each subsequent lesson. Each video will introduce new skills and techniques to help you quickly master the art of miniature painting. By end of the series - you will be a miniature painting GOD!
    • By Auberon
      I have some of Zabavka Workshop's resin but haven't played with any of their .stl files.
      Wargame Resin & .STL Base Toppers
      We know creating bases for miniatures is a struggle for many of us, especially when it comes to armies.
      It's a hell of a work...
      We realized that we are not alone thanks to the feedback from the backers of 2 previous projects on Kickstarter and our community.
      We share your pain and that's why we decided to create 100+ Unique Resin and 3D Printable (.STL) Base Toppers for our community.
      For this campaign, we've prepared 10 thematic sets of base toppers and several sets of elements for decoration.
      And this is just for the start, the rest depends on the speed of unlocking stretch goals😉
      We've specially designed them in the form of toppers to reduce the cost of printing for you.
      Because the cost of printing a round base is more expensive than the cost of buying a black plastic base.
    • By jadeite

      Another 7 days KS by Medusa Minis. I have been quite happy with their previous campaigns. 9 pounds for the whole set or 25 if you missed the previous orc sets.
    • By Cicciopiu

      Nice models and one of the SG is a 20% discount on the Kimera Colors range (They will open a pre-order for their "almost-impossible-to-buy" colors at the end of April)

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