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Mini Counters & Condition Markers


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As I've run across this problem with multiple minis that are the same, these would be handy. I've looked at this guy's product for years & I've tried to come up with solutions but overall his is the best for what it represents (or at least what I'd use em for).



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What I've done for miniatures I use with Gloomhaven is photocopy the hex boards from GH, mount them onto stiffer card, cut out the hexes, number them, and use sticky putty to adhere them to the underside of the base. Sounds like a lot of steps, but took me less time than basing a miniatures.


Also, search on "1cm number stickers" on Amazon. Stickers, though, can leave glue on the miniature base. There's also a "colored round sticker 1cm" you could use for conditions.

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