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Public Market - Talon Strikes Studios

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Public Market, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/693352677/public-market?ref=android_project_share



Public Market is a tile drafting and tile-laying game set in the Pacific Northwest. Players will venture out on to the open waters of the Pacific, haul in fresh fish (represented as polyominoes), and carefully pack the fish into an ice chest (ideally around the crabs and ice cubes already present). Once the player feels comfortable with the amount of fish in their ice chest, they head to the market to fulfill contracts to outsell their competition and build their reputation up with the local canneries. 

Designed by the team Flatout Games (designers of Point Salad and publisher of Calico) and with stunning art by Beth Sobel, Public Market is a wonderful mix of bidding, tile placement, set collection, and engine building. Jump aboard your vessel and head out on the cool crisp waters to find your adventure.

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This one is a local one for me. While I haven't gamed with them personally, I know many people that do. I have been invited to try this out this weekend (and playtest some other games too), but don't think I will be able to make it.


Some friends with gaming opinions that I value greatly have vouched for this one. It has my pledge, for sure.

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