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StoneHaven Gnome Rogue


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    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening Reaper folks!
      Tonight another Stonehaven Miniatures figure, a Gnome Ranger with a crossbow.  A fun and quite petite figure and the funnest part of this was was choosing hair color, hope you guys like him!

      Really starting to get into painting Stonehaven, some very fun and expressive figures, full of personality!
    • By knarthex
      So since I don't have enough on my plate....
      I decided to paint all the Duskwardens, since they are my faction...
      So Damaris Walmynd was the choice

      And her little (NOT!) dog too!!!!

      Pinning her wrist was.... fun....
      The Drow
    • By knarthex
      S, since I nly have 4 Orc archers, 1 Xvart wizard, and 1 Duskwarden and here dog going into prep, I needed to add this too....😵
      Anyone have a good name for him?
      and mybe some color ideas?, remembering his skin will be orange....
      Thanks for looking!
      The Drow
    • By knarthex
      So these guys got their bases done, and they only need to be airbrushed to get rid of extraneous stuff, but they are DONE.
      Another blister leaves the shelf of shame in Triumph!
      I noticed that the cross ties on the crossbowman's pants didn't get done...(oopsie) so tomorrow first thing
      WIP here

      The leader

      The Aklys

      The spear

      The Crossbow

      So there you have them!
      Thanks for following along!
      The Drow
      Wonder what @DKS would think of the atrocity committed on his creations?
      Wonder if he painted them himself...

    • By knarthex
      So on to the next Project!
      This is Grixus, 03942, who will be painted up as a Xvart. They are a different kind of Goblin (Though @buglips*the*goblin wont admit it...)
      Painting will begin SoonTM

      The Drow
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