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Diabolical Lighting


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8 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

Beautiful OSL. Both the lava and the spell effect look very convincing. I also love the skintone of the demon and his expressive slit eyes.


The only suggestions I have is to make the centre of the blue spell "hotter", so almost pure white, to make it look more like an energy sphere.


Thank you very much! 


That's totally the area I was most struggling with-- the color on the spell effect.  The object itself is largely Blue Flame with drybrushing of various cyans.  I wanted to create a "heart" of the effect, like the hot part of a fire. 


The problem (AFAICT) is that if the spell effect is a sphere (it isn't, but pretend), then I could paint the sphere's "center" as viewed from the front of the mini.  But then if I turn the mini in either direction, the "apparent center" moves, and what I painted now looks like a surface instead of the center.


Is there a trick to making this look realistic on a three-dimensional object, but still be viewable from different angles?




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