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Heroforge - interesting creature builds


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49 minutes ago, haldir said:

Wow, is something I came up with while at the game store last night waiting for players. Right now one of my main players is dealing with some job issues (not him, but people around him) & he couldn't make it so I was going to run a one-shot for whoever showed up, last night. I got no one but I did make his guy. His pose is Reaper forum appropriate as well that is a bathrobe. His feet are bunny slippers & you can't see it but he does have a rocket pack on his back. I told the store clerk, who is filling for the owners as they are at GAMA this week that this would be my Pathfinder Society character if I ever played. As he is the GM coordinator for the all rpgs at the store, he approved. :lol:


Screenshot (2).png


Any one else hearing Jeff Bridges as the voice for Wow?


Umm, are those moobs, under the bathrobe?

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46 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:

Any one else hearing Jeff Bridges as the voice for Wow?


Umm, are those moobs, under the bathrobe?


Oh he's a tubby. I upped the values on allot of the measurements.

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What’s funny is there is another thread where I suggested hero forge to someone here recently.

I like seeing the things other people create.

Dragon Spawn sergeant, I think this is one of the first ones I did.

Black Knight, Me and my Dragon rampant buddy joked that this guy’s shovel could raise up skeletons for his army. 
Sir Benjamin Vlasholm. 


The Twinblade


Evil knight

The Gaurdian.




I think I have maybe a little too much fun creating characters........


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Something a little bit more light hearted than what I normally do in hero forge.

No one knows how Mr Zombie got the blowtorch, or why he has such an intense fascination with it. All that is known is that anyone who disturbs his contemplation of it is violently attacked. The only bright side is that none of his victims have been reported turning into zombies. Perhaps it has something to do with Mr Zombie burning them into a crisp with the blowtorch.


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Just going through some my characters.  I know why the named characters here are named (and because I'm bored, you'll have a chance to learn parts of their stories):




A while back I thought I might get the group interested in a round of Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago.  And, while bored, I designed these two.  I really just wanted to design a female pirate, and then I wanted to make her a spellcaster.


After Heroforge did all the Roman bits, I just wanted to do something a little different.  I may, or may not, have been reading Codex: Alera at the time.  It makes more sense if I were.




Inky was a character I originally created for a short-lived online game.  There's a story that goes with it that I won't get into.  But Inky is a natural-born wererat.  He came into his gift late, and was a stain on the family honor because of that delay.  After finally passing his trial, he hit the road and has made his living putting his unique skill set to the test.  Inky knows his father will call him home one day, and Inky will return to the family.  What happens after that is anyone's guess.


Skarnaela is a duergar...and an unpleasant one at that.  There's a reason for it, of course, as she is the tunnel-warden for the largest duergar settlement in the realm.  That's a lot of tunnels, which wouldn't be so bad if there also wasn't a blue (white) dragon that enjoyed the taste of dwarf...Oh, and the Illithids. There always seem to be illithids.




Matthew Rose was no longer a young man when it happened...the latest in a string of unusual life events, and one of the few he'll discuss with others of his kind.  He had grown up poor in the final days of the Great Depression, but was unable to escape his home life until he joined the Army and served in Korea.  His ability to warp reality came about during a supernatural assault that left his fellow soldiers slaughtered, and him psychologically scarred.  Things got worse after that initial encounter as the forces that slaughtered his squad hounded him when they could locate him.  He kept quiet and returned to the States when his tour was up and drifted through life making money by selling stories of bizarre adventures and horror.  Rose used those stories to disseminate glimmers of fact: weaknesses of the things that truly went bump in the night (or, worse, in the full brightness of day), the True Name of an otherworldly monstrosity, mantras to tap into the psyche and unleash that power, etc.  Rose eventually finished a doctorate from the University of Chicago in parapsychology and became a professor.  Then, as such things happen, a strange man showed up at Rose's office holding unpublished copies of some recent stories.  Rose remembers a smile with pointed teeth and then blackness.  He still writes, but it's been more and more difficult to release "newly discovered" stories for his fans (and his own peace of mind) since he died.  In this image, he's wearing a mask to cover a horribly scarred face.  Rose does not know whether or not the wounds (inflicted in a magical duel) will heal and maintaining a human facade is so tiresome anyway.


There's no story for the Pumpkinhead.  I just like them.  This one, though, is in the service of The Necromancer.  I guess that is its story...mostly.




Here we have Zero.  The Zero on the right came first (c. 1995) after one too many turns of the Smashing Pumpkins song.


Zero was a Nosferatu antitribu when he met his end in a catastrophic ammunition backfire.  He was lucky enough to make it through three centuries as an undead pyromaniac with a questionable grip on sanity.  The redcaps, though, proved to be too much.


Zero (on the left) came about many years later.  Something happened to her after the event with the dragon...Something happened to all of them, of course, but Zero might be the best adjusted.  Zero is an assassin par excellence due, in part, to her unique ability to alter her appearance.  She has lost track of her family over the centuries, but her husband and children are all long-passed (aren't they?) and things just seem "less" without them.  So Zero drifts from contract to contract as the decades pass.  Sometimes she even meets the surviving members of her adventuring party, but those meetings have increasing years between them and fewer memories shared when they occur.

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