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Heroforge - interesting creature builds


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Few more I now have a Anycubic Photon S to print my own, haven't used it yet, as I find it intimidating....lol




Some for my Daughter when she saw me making things





Trying to recreate 1st Edition Talisman characters






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Good start Glitterwolf! I can honestly say that the longer you play with hero forge the more interesting the minis can get.

General Morgen of Grestheim. Still not sure if I should keep the arms crossed or go with hands on hips. 

The Easterner, a mysterious warrior from an eastern empire.

The next two are based off of heroes from a video game.




These last three are just some sci fi characters I came up with. 



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Good news! Dr. S. Grundy does house calls!


Calling Dr. Grundy

by YeAuldGrump, on Flickr


*EDIT* Adding the configuration numbers, if anybody wants to twiddle with him. ::): Already changed him a bit from the image - the raven now faces forward. https://www.heroforge.com/load_config%3D8071794/


The Auld Grump

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There is a $2.00 off code for heroforge stl checkouts!


I'm not going to post it of course but I found it on their Facebookie page.


Even thou I've stopped resin printing for a bit, I may have to buy the minis I've designed for the time being.

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Krale Evenhorns, formerly a troll, still of the Evenhorns clan.  During his journeys through Barsaive Krale fell in with a band of more experienced adventurers and ended up entangled in their affairs combating the Therans.  Early on in their adventures, one of The Passions decided, on a whim, that Krale had earned a "blessing" of sorts.  Their airship had crashed and the fatalities included Krale's beast companion (a raptor-like creature of unknown mirth and intelligence).  Krale prepared the remains of the beast (reserving only the heart for himself) as a final meal for the companions before beginning their trek through the wastelands.  In the morning, Krale had begun to change.  A tail had started, his nails began to lengthen into frightful claws, scales started growing, and his face began to elongate.  When the change finally ended, Krale was no longer wholly a troll.  Unable to return to the Trollhome, and unable to refuse direct gift of one of the passions, Krale accepted exile and wandered Barsaive eventually fading into legend.  But let those who would mistreat the forest or its inhabitants with malice beware.  Krale may no longer live, but he has not abandoned Barsaive.


The Horned King...If you don't know, you should.  His name is unknown to all save Lord Gwydion.  He wears a crimson cloak and his arms and shoulders are stained crimson as well.  I'm due to reread The Book of Three.  One of these days.




Peter and his Avatar awoke at about the same time.  Peter from a nap, and his Avatar from a different type of slumber.  The panic was very real, though.  A loud drone growing louder and his girlfriend shouting things he could not hear.  Then the explosion.  Walls falling.  Flames roaring.  And through it all a silent and unconcerned man walking through the flames, burning but not burned.  Peter might have followed The Burning Man out of the wreckage of the building or it may have just been plain dumb luck that got him out of the flames alive (even if his leg was shattered during the inferno).  And maybe, just maybe, it was a little bit of both.  But Peter's luck did not seem to bring anyone else through the flames.  Rotten stupid luck.  Luck that was barely believable.  Luck that drew attention from mages of the Euthanatos tradition...


The Draconic Mage was an early attempt at Krale.  I got sidetracked.  He might make an interesting Heritor or Warden, though.




Ragnar (II) is older than he looks.  In a world filled with ageless vampires, Ragnar is older than most Kindred in America.  He's not exactly "immortal": he dies.  But he comes back, too.  Ragnar claims that everyone knew his story at one time, (well, the story of his chieftain to be precise), saying that it was taught in universities and high schools for decades before changing times took that song from the eyes of the public.  There were even movies about it!  And with a such a glorious death, Ragnar felt that Valhalla surely would be his reward but he awoke back on Midgaard.  Valhalla had been denied to him.  Ragnar grew despondent but still worked towards entry to the fabled realm of the gloriously dead training his body and mind in studies of war and sorcery.  Eventually, near the turn of the century, Ragnar found himself in Washington, DC in the company of Kindred.  More seeking adventure than undead politicking, Ragnar was nevertheless caught in their webs of intrigue.  Those webs eventually led to the mismatched coterie being pulled into a parallel dimension where the oldest of vampires had conquered nearly all of the world and ruled with a calloused fist.  As the coterie replace their doppelgangers in that twisted world Ragnar thought he might have found a close-second to Valhalla.  When the portal reopened and the coterie made their escape, Ragnar stayed behind in an attempt to defeat the undead menace.  The portal would reopen years later and a harried Ragnar would stumble through with an undead horde close on his heels...


Cesar had gone from the camp when the Mists came.  The Mists were never welcome, not that it mattered.  The Mists did what it pleased, when it pleased, to whomever it pleased.  It was pure malice, and this time it was not alone.  The caravan had stopped for the evening under the trees and the Vistani did not notice the webs through the boughs.   They did not notice the stranger who climbed down on a web of his own making into the midst of the camp.  They were unaware until the screams started.  By the time Cesar returned to the camp it was too late.  The dark figure scampered off into the mists on eight legs.  Cesar gave chase, but was not quick enough.  The Mists taunted him with glimpses of his quarry from time to time and Cesar quickly became lost.  He didn't see the doorway until he was on it, the foul glow hidden by The Mists.  Cesar, unable to stop in time, burst through the doorway into bright light and busy streets as far as the eye could see in every direction--even straight up.  The Mists retreated through the doorway leaving Cesar to chase his quarry and to attempt to exact vengeance for the slaughter of his caravan.  But what were The Mists up to?  Would Cesar be able to complete his mission before it returned (IF it returned...could/would The Mists abandon him)?  Which fate would be worse: avenging the caravan only to be dragged back to his murky home, being pulled back through the door as the foul monstrosity scampered off, or living in uncertainty never knowing but always anticipating The Mists' return?

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