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Could someone look at this and tell me if it worth the money?






I was doing some research on cameras and decided that a 249$ camera is doable or I could wait and get a 400$ camera (it might be a year or so).


I am tired of not having a camera so I ask dear readers please help a poor man out...


If it is not a decent camera could you recommend another on sear in somewhat the same price range?

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That is the same camera I have, and for about $50 less than I paid for mine. I like mine alot. It's easy to use and has lots of features. All the pictures I have posted here and on my web site were taken with it.


One thing you might want to invest in, depending on how you use the camera, is the AC adaptor cord. It lets you plug the camera into a wall outlet and not use batteries. I have one and it has probably paid for its self in batteries. The cord was a bit pricy though $60-70. You might have to go to a camera shop to find one. The electronic stores don't seem to carry alot of accsories. I bought it becase I knew I would be doing a lot of "studio" shots of minis--so plugging into a wall outlet was easy. Definitely get some rechargeable batteries, they save big $$$ in a very short time.


One thing I really love about this camera is that you can connect it to the computer, then use the computer to control the camera. This is great for takeing pics of minis. I use the computer monitor as a viewfinder, eliminating all those shots that looked fine on the camera screen but turned out just a bit out of focus when you get them loaded into the computer. It also eliminates camera shake from pushing the shutter release button, eliminating another source of out of focus pics. (OK, I know that digital cameras don't have shutters-but what else do you call that button?)


I think it's a good camera and have been happy with mine.


Hope that helps you out.

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