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I found this mumakil  on the internet here recently. It is missing a lot of pieces, however I’m going to try to rebuild this thing. Here is my progress so far. 

An oathmark dwarf for comparison, this thing is big!

Whoever assembled this thing glued the platform on sideways, with a VERY stout glue. In my efforts to remove it I ended up breaking it so it now has a pair of gaping holes in the bottom.
After trying to remove the platform pieces from the rest of the saddle I finically gave up and just ground them off, and glued the platform back on the right way.
The tusks has the ends broken off so I drilled some holes and inserted some styrene rod to give my milliliter something to grip to.


A pair of dowels sanded to shape serve as the front supports on the saddle.


And unfortunately he is missing his trunk, so I get to practice my sculpting skills. 

I drilled some holes where the trunk goes so I can insert some wire to make an armature.


I’ll have to go look at some pictures at elephant trunks to see how long it should be. 


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they are more than welcome!
That is all for now thanks for looking!



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Thanks! And I agree this thing is big! 

I repaired the tusks, now they just need some work to blend them in better

I started working on the side platforms? Not sure what they would be called. I may decide to make the angle from the side to the center sharper, it is a bit flat looking. 
Hopefully their will be more tomorrow! Thanks for looking!

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Got some more progress done!

I ended up redoing the side section a bit. I added more of and angle and made it stronger.


Borrowed an idea from the movie and made the spike strip between the tusks.


Accidentally broke the wire so I had to redo it. And it conveniently hides the joint on its left tusk.


And I decided to tackle the part I’ve been dreading the most.......The trunk.

It at least resembles a trunk.....


Coiled some wire around the booms for decoration. I’ll be adding the little crosspieces to them later.

I started working on the second floor of the main platform.




If anyone has ideas or advice feel free to share!
Thanks for looking!


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I got the other side platform finished. 

And the second floor of the main platform.

I decided to add a central post instead of adding another floor. And I made some ears. 

He also has a tail now.F7DC737A-DF00-4B22-B90F-C849D51D20D2.jpeg.2798b7294d64f6064b178409be8d70ff.jpeg

And finally I repaired to holes in the main platform.


Thanks for looking!

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On 3/7/2020 at 1:56 PM, Corsair said:

Hannibal would approve!

Especially since it would be bigger than what he was used to!


So I got a little carried away with the painting probably did more than was good for me, or the project. But I got a lot of color on it!

Since this is such a big model I am attempting to raise the bar on my painting. 
The focus is on shadows and highlights.



Suggestions on the folds would be greatly appreciated.





Thanks for Looking!


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So after a very tedious hour or two I got most of the outside sections of the cloth done. 
and for some strange reason one of my pictures is upside down......
And I worked of the hide some more covering up what was left of the black and blending in the transitions some.



Thanks for looking!

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