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44003 Bones Black Ziba Efreeti


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Thanks to this thread I finally figured out how to assemble this mini. If you are at all hesitant, please look at it, especially the excellent step by step on page 2 (h/t @Mad Jack).

Things have been scrubbed,  and I have some idea of the color scheme.

Dusky skin triad and maroon red/cinnamon red for the skin, and hexed lichen/witchcraft purple/warlord purple for the tabard. Not sure about the metal yet.

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What do you mean I worked on some mold lines ?20200228_144831.thumb.jpg.1fea1f1323f28ad3e89ee5e929f51260.jpg

After fixing the basecoat, I noticed lots of rubbing. 20200228_144750.thumb.jpg.dbdc73850a276e2a173fda912e1586bb.jpg

Did some more base coats then went back and patched stuff up including the bangs I'd added below.


I intend to do the hair  fire style, so the yellows will be on he bottom.

After waiting for that to dry I added a coat of matte medium to be the first thing to rub.


So preventatively, what can I do to differentiate the skin and clothes? I intend to line, the clothes will be brighter in a pink hue, the skin will be brighter with red. They currently look a bit samey in these pics.

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Some more base coating.  Hopefully this helps with the moar contrasts.

The green is Cayman green. Plan on dry brushing antique gold then using am olive wash.

The indigo is ultraviolet shadow w/rainy grey 1/1.

Indigo will get a silver/steel type thing. I might try to do flames (reflections of flame from hair?) on the swords if I feel like pushing things. Any ody got a good example for more than just OSL?


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I did some painting of metallics - drybrush of antique gold over the Cayman green, very subtle highlighting on the blue armor. For consistency, I'm thinking of changing the tunic/skirt/tabard to the same combo with the ultramarine. Thoughts? I love that purple but don't think it fits.

Pretty much clothing and horns and bone/skulls left.

I also did a sepia wash on the bone. Soon I'll be gluing, doing touch ups, and ready for game next wednesday.





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I'm calling it because it's awkward to glue properly. I was unable to get it to fit,  and so the head isn't on well. I will probably sell or avoid any miniature that's cut this way in future. I really like the paint job, but this has been really disappointing. I consider it ruined because its cut in some super awkward way that requires forcing and angling.




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