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Midlam: Cult of the Moon Goddess

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Posted on the off chance that there's any forumites that still haven't discovered Midlam's Kickstarters...    




Alberon is a vast and ancient world, with many unknowable mysteries, whether that be in the depths of the earth, across exotic lands and the very heavens themselves. There are thirteen major moons that may be seen in the night sky at different times, and their behaviour, phases and conjunctions are oft studied for omens and portents by astrologers and diviners. Some moons are worshipped as deities in their own right.

One of the most powerful and ancient moon cults, with devotees in many of the lands and city states which once formed the Old Empire, is the Cult of the Moon Goddess. Little is known of this cult, for it is highly secretive.  What is known is that they worship only one of the moons of Alberon's skies, the old moon.  This moon is said to be able drive men mad and grant great powers to those it favours, when it is full.

The Cult of the Moon Goddess is not proscribed in Midlam, although in some cities it has attracted heavy sanctions, which has resulted in the cult directing it's wrath on the often patriarchal governments.  But what the cults greater motives are, whether good or ill, it is difficult to say, for their inner workings and identities are protected by sacred oaths.   But you would be wise not cross their path...

Cult of the Moon Goddess

A collection of twelve 28mm cultists, for all of your fantasy adventures, from Midlam Miniatures.

Welcome to our third Kickstarter to cover some of the strange and unusual cults that operate within old Midlam town.

NOTE:  We aim to ship this May 2020, not May 2022 as it says in the description.  

We fear the Moon Goddess Cult knows we're onto them and are using their powerful magic against us!


Will there be a Stretch Goal?

We typically announce a modest (and most importantly - achievable without delays!) stretch goal of an extra miniature, a week or so into the campaign. This will be free (with no extra postage) for those who back the full pledge (and anyone pledging for one or two miniatures will be able to choose that miniature as one of their reward miniatures).

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Another interesting Midlam Kickstarter.


Most of the time sets of cultists do not interest me, sure I may want one to three of the sculpts but I know I will not use 12 sculpts of dagger holding Ku Klux Klan nuts. But this set looks like many will work as not just cultist but as normal priestess, and devout followers.  Plus I love the inclusion of #12 one does not find minis in a kneeling pose often. 

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16 hours ago, Inarah said:

I can always use more cultists.  How do these look next to Reaper figures?  


Midlam's are more 'true 28mm scale' so they will be slightly smaller than the average Reaper metal minis of the same gender and race. 

Can't remember if I've ever seen a comparison picture, though. 

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[Damnit! Midlam is making another desirable KS.]


These cultists look really interesting in their simplicity.


With the right colour scheme, they can be a dark blood cult who need to consume my heart, or a righteous group of nuns about to send you off on your holy quest.


Male cultists always look too angry, or too happy.

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I wonder if I had two of #10 and painted her in stone colors and put a stone or wooden beam/header over them if it would make a great entrance to a temple or drinking hall?




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9 hours ago, kodiakbear said:

I wonder if I had two of #10 and painted her in stone colors and put a stone or wooden beam/header over them if it would make a great entrance to a temple or drinking hall?



Only one way to find out…   

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Are these metal, resin, plastic? I looked at the KS page but I don’t see the material listed anywhere ...

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