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Some painted Reaper minis for my dungeon crawl...

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Fatastic - it is like a study in using brown grey and rust, and that it does not limit your creativity or palette. And as noted - your whites are very nice.


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I like your style - and how you used such muted colors to make stand out figures. My favorite is the Hill Giant!

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Thanks, and yeah I definitely have a love of muted/earth palettes.  I also use Army Painter strong tone on most of my miniatures as I try to paint quickly, so they all end up with the same overall toned down look.   I'll throw in some more non-Reaper stuff here as well.






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A few more miniatures I forgot to add!  Some of these are bad guys, some are allies, some are not currently in use...but I've got the pics anyway.













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These all look great,  but just so you know,  forum rules says to have 1 show off thread per mini or set of themed minis.  Long drawn out threads with random minis are discouraged. 

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But didn't the OP say these were minis being shown in his dungeon crawler game??

Wouldn't that be a "theme"??


Also, in the post directly above Citrine's above mine...what is the mini in the first pic?



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I love Army Painter Strong Tone for this exact reason...really allows quick, but great table top minis. Some Questions...


1. Do you use the "dip" or quickshade wash?

2. How do you apply? Do you thin it at all?


Great job on all of these, they really looks great.

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I use the dip, occasionally thinning it with mineral spirits as needed (though eventually you lose the proper "cling" of the dip and have to replace your can).  I have mixed results, sometimes if the can is new, it's great.  Other cans I've received have been sitting on a shelf for a year or two and are pretty poor.


I tend to apply it indoors using curved pliars on the base, and submerge the whole miniature.  I let it drip off and then use chopped up or shredded bits of paper towel to pull off the excess.  I used to shake them off outdoors, but that's annoying - so indoors it is.


Like any hobby thing, it's definitely a process you learn, and because it "sepia tones" the miniature you need to go back and highlight the occasional stuff (or have a q-tip on hand with mineral spirits to wipe away the dip on large bright surfaces).  I definitely aim for tabletop and fast....normally trying to crank out 200+ miniatures a year when I have a suitable gaming project.   I find the dip helps protect the miniatures and locks in the basing material (which I apply before priming).

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      Like the title says this new year marks the start of my fifth year of miniature painting. Though I've managed to learn a lot both through this forum and the internet at large I still haven't learned proper layering. To anyone who has ever stumbled across any of my projects I'm sure this comes as no surprise. So armed with a Reaper gift card, obtained over the holidays, I decided it was time to finally learn layering. 

      If it wasn't clear I picked up the 2nd Learn to Paint kit.
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      Here she is:

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      Anyhoos, enjoy, happy belated Christmas and New Year!
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      Now that Reapers Pathfinder competition is over, I can show off my entry!
      I didn't get anywhere, but I like how he turned out, so I'm still calling it a win.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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