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Starmane, Unicorn 02151: Project 1 of 2 for Fealron

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Primed white except the base, black.



So, the idea here was to show a unicorn being corrupted, but it isn’t 100% yet.




HD Solid Blue then HD Dragon Blue.

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The coat started Dragon White.  Then I worked light to dark through the Dusky Skin triad.  Darkest areas included mixing in Nightshade Purple.


I was working on two goals here: transitioning the coat from dark at the feet (corrupted the most) to white on the non-corrupted “islands.”  Then, shadowing these areas and trying to blend it all together.  There was a fair amount of losing ground, gaining ground, dilute glazing, etc.  push-pull, if you will.




The horn: Desert Stone, Agrax Earthshade, Dirty Bone, and Splintered Bone.

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Thanks, Wolf!






The eyes: Red Liner, Splattered Crimson, Gory Red, Clear Red, then added a little Hearth Glow, Clear Yellow and Dragon White.  I don’t think I snapped all the stages, I just kept trying to build it up to a glowing red eye if possible.








The first of these is showing more blending of the coat.  What followed were adding more and more highlight around the eyes, forehead hair, and under the horn in an attempt to do some OSL.

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Here was a few dilute washes of Bloodletter.  I think I added some Clear Red.  I thought the highlighting underneath would show through more, but it didn’t.  I’ll admit I didn’t like how this part came out.  I’m not a master of OSL for sure, but thought I’d make a mess of things if I tried to un-OSL it, or tweak much with it.





Here you can see the brightening of the eyes I mentioned earlier.  I got the eye glow to a level I was happy with, I just don’t think the glow on the surroundings reads right.  

You can see I added some dirt to the hooves, and drybrushed the base.  Fealron asked for simple basing, as these will be gaming pieces.  That allowed me time to do more models.




The base was Walnut Brown, Green Ochre, Dirty Bone.  This was put on the hooves.  The hooves were then toned down with Agrax Earthshade.


The blood spatter was Splattered Crimson, Gory Red, Fresh Blood and Holly Berry.


And that was that!  I’ll post it to Show Off soon.

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