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Galladon the Wizard (77054) Now with flaming SWORD!! (Converted)

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Subtitle: Whaaaat!?  Pendrake painted something?


 This was an exercise in improvisation. People like to use the google hangouts to have painting sessions. But, all my painting stuff normally lives in the next room away from the computational machine. But some of it had gotten waylaid and dropped off in the wrong room so I decided to see if I could manage something. @knarthex was in the hangouts painting tiny CamelFlag patterns on tiny NATO troopers at the same time. 



Here is Galladorn getting a bath in Simple Green diluted with water. The plastic bag is the type I use mostly for sorting Miniatures. File this under: how to mess with gooey-green cleaners and stuff near expensive equipment. 


Next he got buried in paper towels to dry off. 



TGPTGP;  Wizard, Flaming Sword; tabletop; Bones;

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Here he is secured with packing tape to a huge-size craft stick (because there was nothing better at hand to use as a handle). I checked, it is 1 & 1/4 inches wide. Brushes have been gathered up. Sketchbook, open to some unfinished something or other, is pushed aside. Bottom left is an improvised wet palette made from the lid of an empty Pringles can. 

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This is where I got to by the time we signed off. The picture is stupidly huge because it is a screenshot. Sorry:


I mostly put Grey Liner - 9308 all over him. I first tried an old bottle of white brush-on sealer but that stuff beaded up like water droplets on a windshield. On the sword I tried mixing Red Liner - 9307 with NMM Gold Highlight - 9303 because I think I want to do the whole sword like is is glowing orange or something. (I don't think I can make the blade look like metal next to the flame looking like flames.)  Or maybe I will try for magical blue or green flame. I do not have a plan I am just slinging paint around. Kagunk the Ogre For Scale.


Now I need to find some references for flaming swords. Maybe somebody on these boards did a good one.




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I found out where the sword is from!   https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63722-14055-marcus-gideon-and-03292-almaran-the-gold/


He has the sword from 3292 Almaran the Gold.


Holy Warriors.jpg



Another ^ interesting ^ sword.



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Progress on the Wizard. I have started with the hardest part first: the flaming sword. I am trying to emulate the references in the previous post a little bit. 


I have also also taken a page out of one of  @knarthexes toolkit manuals. I glued a piece of white index card stock to the giant craft stick. I am using that to put down little color swatches of the paints that I have either used or am considering using on the miniature. That last one, (furthest from Wizard) was a sample Reaper tossed in with Goremaw the Worm. If they ever want a Chocolate Chunk Candy color ...that would be it. 


Thank you to  @Nethear and @AEdge for “researching” flaming swords for me. 

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