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Narglauth - Challenge set for Fire Whip + Lightning Sword

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So, a friend has asked me if I had a Balor for a oneshot he's preparing.

Well.. I do! But it's still unpainted, so this is a nice way to set a deadline for myself and get started on my Bones 4 Demons.


There's 1 tricky part however. An official 5e D&D Balor has a Lightning sword, and a Fire whip.

The sword comes with premade fire built on, which will have to either be converted or replaced.


I'm creating this thread to gather ideas from others and 'force' myself to finish this one on time.

Will start later this week, expect updates!


update: I have no idea yet if I'll want OSL out of this. I've tried it a few times, some worked, some were horrible failures.

Still looking for the big trick to capture that properly.




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Ok. I've still got spare parts of Agramon, of which 1 includes a hand with a sword in it.




It's a right hand, where at Narglauth it's a left. I'll probably cut off the sword and swap them. That will be a first, I'm hoping it's thick enough to pin them :) 

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I'm not happy with the fire whip. :/

Contemplating on proper options. Maybe some lava-ish?

There are no flames coming off the whip so the classic fire layout does not make sense to me.

I think a hot glue treatment will be to big on there.


I'd be happy with any input on this part! :) 

Likely tomorrow I'll continue on the lightning part, that will be a first aswell but I'm looking forward to start it off!

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I think I'll try this on the whip:




I haven't found any examples on a whip, which might make it abit more challenging, but I"m up to try it.

The current effect just doesn't match without flames present on the whip.

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Almost time to start basing. It was time for a wash today. Besides a drybrush on the horns I think it's time to start basing. 


Update: basing started. Going for a lava base.








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