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This is a really early placeholder, because I have inspiration pictures, and who knows if the  book will be lost when I'm ready. I need to find my dragon.

I'm also inspired by (I think it was @Corporea  's chibi coco lion?)

Would love any tips for preparation and how to deal with scales with my chosen pattern (paisley).




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11 minutes ago, Egg of Coot said:

Progress on this should be wild to watch . . .


The Egg

It will probably take years. That's what you meant by wild, right?

This is some inspiration here. Totally misremembered it, so I'm glad I dug it up.

Go ahead and like bomb if you missed it the first time.

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19 hours ago, lexomatic said:

I did some washing and dry fit... ha e people typically had problems? Mine does not seem to fit well together. I'll see after a boil. I trimmed mold lines and that helped a bit.

I didn't have any issues with Blightfang when I was working on mine, but it might've been an outlier?

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I had a glue fail on the tail... it wont hold for me without pinning. How long should I leave it to cure and what can I do for cleaning it? Just a normal prep clean? This is being annoying already.

I have to look for pinning supplies with no idea where they are.

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Held in place by pins (except wings and base, but base will get some). Will glue head/neck and tail today and maybe rest after base coats because I will need to fully blend transition from pinks to purples. Though wings last. I still need access to the spines.


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