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March Minis


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1 hour ago, criticalhit said:

What is that Lashanna Larkmoor miniature?


I can't find her for sale on the site.


Is she exclusive to this offer?


She's brand new.  #4007 for the Dark Heaven Legends line.  As Clearman said above, the SKU just hasn't been enabled yet.


The Egg

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Reaper would never use factory seconds for a promo. It's just bad PR. 

And low-selling minis would also be a disappointment.  

(Not to mention that they might end up wasting a lot of time casting heaps of minis that won't sell. Because what isn't given away will have to be sold. Sure, they can be melted down and recast, but that takes time. And there's wasted blisters and so on. )


You don't get dedicated fans by handing out anything but the best. 

And by now Reaper has a lot of dedicated fans... 



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On 3/12/2020 at 1:04 PM, spoonz202 said:

so, just a suggestion i thought of, is there a way to link the free minis back to the store pages. some look neat but i have no idea what they are to buy them.


thought i'd seen all the reaper catalog but some are new to me.


Here you go.

Lashanna isn't listed yet but the rest are good to go. Just click on the images to go to their store page.


03292_almaran_front_jb.jpg 03329_hannah_front_jb.jpg

04006_w_1.jpg 01531_p_1_rb.jpg


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Does anyone know when the March 2020 new releases will be available? I keep checking to find February minis. Given the Coronavirus situation maybe this is postponed, but there's no better time to paint some miniatures than when you can't go outside and everything's closed! ;-)

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