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    • By hammer570
      Finally got this awesome miniature in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to get started.

      Meet Alice from Nocturna Models' "Fairy Tale Girls" line, sculpt by Alfonso Gozalo based on concept art by Jesús Martín.  With such an incredible sculpt and amazing sample paint job, I'm probably not going to take much artistic license with the paint scheme and will try to follow Jesús Martín's color scheme as best as I can.  With that in mind, this will be an extremely challenging project for several reasons:
      This is my first resin model, everything prior has been Bones!  This is the first model I'll be pinning.  I've done a couple others that required some assembly (though not as fine as this), but this will be the first with pins and putty filling the gaps.  Also my first model with human hair and way more skin than I've done.  Lots of suuuuuper fine freehand o.O.  And last but not certainly not least, the first one I'm trying to emulate another artist's work rather than just throwing paint at a mini all willy-nilly.
      Please feel free to add questions, comments, critiques, advice, etc. throughout the process!  I expect to put in a pretty serious amount of work on this piece and will need all the help I can get!  Depending on how well the model itself turns out, I may explore the possibility of turning it into a larger diorama, sculpting a tree and a cheshire cat with some other accoutrement.  Stay tuned!
      Step 1:  Pinning!
      This actually went a lot better than I expected.  There are a few minor mishaps, of course, such as her right arm being about .5-1.5mm farther back than it ought to be, as well as a few joins that weren't as flush as I'd like.  I think the arm is barely noticeable though, so I'm not too worried about it, and a bit of GS or procreate will bridge the small gaps elsewhere.  Overall, though, I'm ecstatic with the results and am super excited to get her primed up and ready for paint.
    • By CashWiley
      So here's my first try at painting a bust. Overall I think it came out alright, it was a lot of fun to paint for the most part and very instructional. Painted up as a gift for my anglophile fiancee, who loves it! But seriously, if Braveheart comes up in the channel guide, there goes the next few hours of my life...

      The eyes were actually the most fun part and I'm kinda shocked how well they came out! I think I managed to convey Mel's hazel eyes and I was thinking of my least favorite scene of the movie (when the Bruce removed his helmet).
      Hope you folks enjoy this one. As always, comments and critiques welcome, as are questions!
      Now... maybe onto something a wee bit smaller...
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